Europe 1 11:50 a.m., November 25, 2021

The listeners will set off, in Samedi en France, with William Leymergie to discover French heritage.

Meet at 3 p.m. on Europe 1 to discover the diversity and charm of the French regions.

This weekend, William Leymergie takes listeners to an unusual site, the Familistère de Guise in the Aisne, as well as to the discovery of the Dupuy-Mestreau museum in Saintes in Charente-Maritime.

They will also go to Moselle to discover the international glass art center in Meisenthal.

Finally, the Samedi en France team will offer an unusual bike ride on the snow in Savoie in the town of Valmeinier.

Laurent Voulzy

will be the guest of this Saturday.

He will confide at the microphone of Europe 1 about his love for the cathedrals in which he has been performing his concerts since September 2020. William Leymergie will be accompanied by his two acolytes Danielle Moreau and Gavin's Clemente Ruiz.

About “Samedi en France”

: William Leymergie invites listeners to explore the different regions of France.

Through several themes: tourism, history, sound archives of events that took place there, or the biography of born national celebrities, William Leymergie, accompanied by Gavin's Clemente Ruiz, honors the diversity of French heritage.

A program to be found on Europe 1, and the resort's social networks.