Four years ago, in a trial over the suicide of a female student at a private high school in Kitakyushu, the Fukuoka District Court found that the cause was bullying by a classmate.

Schools and Fukuoka Prefecture have not determined that they were the direct cause of suicide, although they had been bullied, and the courts have made different decisions.

Four years ago, a girl student who was a sophomore at a private high school in Kitakyushu committed suicide, leaving a message to her classmates, "I can't regret something."

Investigations by schools and prefectures have determined that there was bullying that was dismissed from four classmates, such as taking a picture of the closing ceremony with the female students removed, but it has been determined that it was the direct cause of suicide. did not.

On the 25th, Judge Takeshi Tachikawa of the Fukuoka District Court said, "A girl student who was desperate for school life including friendship escaped from human relations in a trial caused by her parents over this suicide. It is probable that he attempted suicide by leaving a message indicating his protest against the bullying he received. "

After that, I ordered the Japan Sport Council, an incorporated administrative agency that pays sympathy money in the event of an incident or accident at school, to pay a sympathy money of 28 million yen to my parents.

Girl student's father "I can finally report to my daughter"

The father of a female student who died about the ruling said, "I can finally report to my daughter after being admitted that she died due to bullying under the control of the school. I made the decision, but I thought that the last LINE message I left was a suicide note, so I'm really glad that it was recognized. "

The lawyer of the agent said, "It was revealed that it was not because I was weak that I died, and I was able to restore the honor of the female student. I would like the school to seriously consider how it will change based on the lessons learned from the judgment. I said.

He added that acts such as "being out of the group" were recognized as bullying, and that "it is a meaningful decision that could be a start for the judiciary to recognize modern-style bullying."

Japan Sport Council "Scrutinize the content of the decision"

Regarding the decision, the Japan Sport Council, an incorporated administrative agency, says, "I would like to scrutinize the content of the decision and consider how to respond."