In the News: Paris and London commit to “collaborate”, after the migration tragedy in the English Channel

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A group of migrants attempting to cross the Channel this Wednesday, November 24, 2021 © GONZALO FUENTES / REUTERS

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A real human tragedy 

", headlines

The Independent

, " 

it is the deadliest day of this migratory crisis 

", underlines the


which, like the whole of the European press, very often displays these images of migrants, men and women, children in their arms, - embarked in overloaded rubber dinghies. The " 

tragedy of the Channel 

", this "

extremely dangerous"


, engulfed yesterday " 

at least 27 of these refugees who were looking for a better life 

", underlines for its part the

Washington Post

which notes that " 

France and the United Kingdom immediately blamed the smugglers, the traffickers of human beings "

, while this migratory crisis, says the American daily, is also due to the fact that it has been for weeks" 

a point of discord in the post-Brexit standoff between Paris and London 

”. " 

As long as the mistrust persists between the two countries, these tragedies will be repeated"

, also warns the columnist of the



, the British daily newspaper which considers it imperative that the French and British governments " 

agree urgently 

", and get over their disputes, particularly from Brexit. THE' call for "

better collaboration with France 

", Launched yesterday by a British Prime Minister who said he was" 

shocked and revolted 

", by this tragedy will it change the situation?

Part of the British press in doubt, the


thus estimates that once the emotion passed " 

it is unlikely that this tragedy will lead to a fundamental change in the approach of the government 

", which has always consisted " 

in inciting the France to do more, rather than thinking about opening safer and more legal avenues for refugees 


Germany enters post-Merkel with unprecedented tripartite government

After months of negotiations, Germany has an unprecedented center-left government made up of the Social Democrats, the Greens and the Liberals 

", underlines

Le Temps,

which welcomes "

the arrival of an ambitious Germany 

" under the aegis of Olaf Scholz who will succeed Angela Merkel on 6 December with a program which "

gives pride of place to investments to combat climate change 

", welcomes the Swiss daily.

Le Soir de Bruxelles also

praises " 

a resolutely green coalition contract 

", while questioning the set objective of achieving " 

80% of electricity produced by renewable energies from here at 8 years old in Germany

". The European press, like the American press especially welcome the " 

continuity with the Merkel era in European and transatlantic relations 

", " 

Scholz even has a center-left ally in the person of Joe Biden 

", estimates the

New York Times

who nevertheless notes that " 

if the future chancellor lets himself be too overwhelmed by his worries on the domestic scene, Europe and the world could feel the loss of Angela Merkel's leadership 

". All the dailies note that Olaf Scholz is already facing his first major crisis with the resurgence of the Covid pandemic. "

There will be no 100-day grace period

," warns the

Süddeutsche Zeitung

, " 

if the coalition does not manage to control the epidemic

, - slices the German daily " 

it will not be able to implement its program of social-ecological and liberal renewal 


Magdalena Andersson, first woman to govern Sweden very briefly


 Barely elected, and already resigned 

", " 

it was not really the day of which she had dreamed 

", explains

Le Temps

 which like the whole of the international press returns on this incredible sequence which saw yesterday " 

Magdalena Andersson, 54 years former Minister of Finance, to become the very first woman to become the head of the country in Sweden 

", Governance aborted eight hours later," 

forced to resign after the rejection of her budget and the departure of her environmental allies from the government 

», Underlines the

Washington Post

. Affected, but not defeated, the Social Democrat "is 

trying to become Prime Minister again 

", explains for her part

Die Welt


 a purely social-democratic minority government 

", negotiations are underway in Stockholm.

Climate crisis pushes albatross 'divorce' rates up

Revelation of a very serious scientific study taken up in the world press which highlights that albatrosses, despite being known " 

for their monogamy 

", are victims " 

of the warming of the waters which forces them to move further afield to feed themselves 


Result "a 

lot of stress for these birds, confronted with the logistical difficulties of a travel partner, which causes couple break-ups 

", and therefore fewer small albatrosses underlines the

Washington Post

, which could thus endanger the entire species. , still warn scientists.


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