First served as general director, to create immersive Mars concert will be staged; volunteer work, but also learn to share beyond the inner

   Huachen Yu self-denial to give up remodeling

  In Hua Chenyu, it is difficult to find the sense of "sophistication" in the 30s.

Wearing a white sweater, he was a little embarrassed to greet the reporter who met for the first time; when he talked about happy things, his eyes would turn into crescents with a smile, and his expression gleamed with light.

This kind of casualness of young people who have not been washed away by the years can also be seen from the "2021 Mars Concert" that will premiere on November 26.

Ferris wheel, sacred tree, flowers, giant deer, wooden horse, soft science fiction...every element satisfies the unconstrained naive imagination.

  But in the crevices of Lonely Planet, we can still see some of the variegations of life-he seems to have begun to learn to accept fireworks, let go of the discussion of the "big love" of the world, and even record the lively but trivial "little love" In the music creation of self-revelry, a brand-new album breaking through Hua Chenyu's past style was produced.

It is reported that this album will be sung at the concert for the first time, and it is expected to officially meet with you next year.

  Then, stripped of all halo, has the now 31-year-old Hua Chenyu really stepped out of his "self" and suddenly "entered the world"?

The answer is not yes.

Hua Chenyu is more willing to analyze and separate the growth of "work" and "self".

He recalled to a reporter from the Beijing News that when he first entered the industry, someone asked him whether he would still live his own way when he was old?

In the eight years since his debut, his answer has not changed. He smiled sincerely, "At that time, I felt that when I became a grandfather, I still have the current state, it's pretty good."


  No sense of distance, fans are welcome to "go home"

  This is a concert that does not belong to the earth.

  The location was chosen to be Haikou, which is escaping the cold winter in the north, where there is a fantasy paradise full of cinematic and sci-fi, blending Eastern beauty and Western art.

In the next few days, this place will be covered with a sea of ​​red dreamy flowers, decorated with pianos, tree houses, and carousels as stars; at night, ferris wheels, roller coasters, and neon lights will complement each other at night.

Fans who come here can settle in the "Mars Station" (recreation area), "Mars Energy Station" (food area), and "Mars Club" (entertainment area). Everyone will feel like being in outer space.

  But when such a wild concert appeared in Hua Chenyu's world, everything seemed to become reasonable.

  In 2019, Huachenyu’s Mars concert broke through the conventional stage structure and is composed of dozens of sets of machinery, creating scenes that have never been seen on earth, such as aerial ladders, offshore lighthouses, star corridors, and the future Colosseum.

After that concert, Hua Chenyu began to plan how to truly bring fans "back to Mars"-in this annual "Martian" gathering, singers and fans do not need a sense of distance.

Everyone gathers together, just like going home, eating, drinking, playing, and even pouring a glass of beer, chatting and chatting at will, in a very relaxed state.

  An amusement park is the scene in Hua Chenyu's heart that best represents "easy and happy"; "all staff standing ticket" is his dream for many years.

In the old gymnasium, the audience could only sit and enjoy the concert. Even if they were so excited that they wanted to stand up and jump, there would always be security personnel to maintain order.

He always expects to cheer up with the audience, singing and dancing.

  But the surprise of "Mars" is far more than that.

  Hua Chenyu prepared many unexpected unknowns here.

For example, the time and link of interaction with the fans are unknown. It may be random singing, improvisation, or just chatting with everyone.

In addition, the concert will continue from 2 pm to 10 pm for an unprecedented time.

Except for dinner time, Hua Chenyu will let the entire "Mars" be surrounded by music.

Although this means that every time, he has to sing twice as many songs as in previous years.

  “If it’s just night, it’s definitely not enough. Everyone has to experience eating, drinking, and having fun, watching performances, and improvising together. This means that I have to reduce the amount of songs a lot. After all, it’s still a concert. I can’t do it for a new format. Throwing away the music will be overwhelming. So the only way is to extend the time. Although it exceeds the amount of past concerts, it’s okay to think about it.” In order to realize this idealized vision, Hua Chenyu exercised a few months in advance, hoping Physical strength can keep up with the intensity of six chorus with the "Martians".

  When such a series of unprecedented ideas were about to come out, the concert team that had worked with them for many years almost unanimously invited Hua Chenyu to serve as the chief director.

This kind of world only belongs to "Mars", it seems that only he himself can reach an excellent understanding with this context and realize it concretely.

"The pressure was really great at the time because I had never been the chief director. But when I went to practice, I found that it was actually not as difficult as I thought (laughs). Because the picture in my head is already very clear."

  Now, the boy who used to be alone on Mars has learned to adapt quickly to his new identity at work, and even becomes a strict leader in the face of countless tedious tasks that require social communication.

For example, during the preparations for the concert, Hua Chenyu and his team designed the stage structure and stage design very early, and determined the "Mars" theme check-in points that can be seen everywhere in the park, and a small trash can must have the element of Mars.

  But not all ideas can be realized in detail, and any modification in the middle will result in cost losses.

This matter is similar to making music—every work of Hua Chenyu is produced in self-denial, abandonment, and reshaping.

He is always worried that what he wants to convey is not clear enough.

  Hua Chenyu has forgotten how many versions of the entire performance plan has been denied and modified, but he did experience the feeling of forcing himself.

"We still have to realize it, because after all, it is the first time to do it. I hope that it will show you the most idealized stage and the most profound stage for fans."

  new album

  The feeling of serious life, very comfortable

  Musician Deng Ke once commented on Hua Chenyu in an interview with the media. When a singer did not choose to sing a love song step by step, he would not directly say that he wanted to enhance the audience's aesthetics, but instead explored the world, life and death, and objective laws in the song. It is a rare thing.

  For example, in the last album "New World NEW WORLD", "I want to love this world" caring for patients with depression, "Bullfighting" asks the world's respect for all creatures, "Sacred Tree" talks about caring for the earth and the ecological environment, "Arrival" explores reincarnation and destiny... it collides music with astronomy, geography, philosophy, and humanistic care, resulting in a music style unique to Hua Chenyu.

  However, Hua Chenyu seems to want to start "entry into the WTO", starting from the upcoming new album.

"If the theme of the previous album was'big love', this album is'little love'."

  This reincarnation of birth and entry into the world, to a certain extent, also witnessed the transformation of Hua Chenyu's mood in life.

Before creating "NEW WORLD", he always went to see the outside world alone.

The world in his eyes is a great landscape, nature, the earth, and a remembrance of the sustainability of life.

However, due to the epidemic, he had the opportunity to face the trivialities of life and live a serious life.

  The change that is known to the outside world is that Hua Chenyu has a very curious cat "perper" in his life; he began to study cooking, and once performed toasts for the audience in a cloud-recorded program.

In the past, except for going downstairs to eat, Hua Chenyu rarely went out.

But now, he occasionally rides a shared bicycle, puts on headphones and listens to music, and wanders around without a destination.

When you’re tired, go to a friend’s house to rest, or buy a snack that you can’t find on the street, and observe all kinds of people.

"I feel very comfortable."

  And the firework of this life has also been transformed into a musical story by him.

The songs of the new album will focus on the various pressures of the current social groups in the workplace, studies, and life, and will also integrate into Hua Chenyu's own growth.

His music is getting closer to life, and closer.

"In the past two years, I have grown a little bit and put it into music. Basically, it feels warm and cheerful."

  growing up

  Outside of work, my heart has never been easy

  The public can also perceive the "approaching" of Hua Chenyu.

  The boy who used to be immersed in the world of Mars and sang "Song of No Words" and "The Gift of Quasimodo", but now he can throw away the "baggage" in variety shows without any burden, and he slapped his wrists and played games with reporters during interviews. , Ushered in and sent to.

  In Hua Chenyu's context, this change is more reflected in his works.

When he entered the industry, he was a fresh graduate, alone, broke into the public's field of vision unexpectedly, and was in a field of public opinion that was always scrutinized by millions of eyes.

In the first few albums, he tried more to express young people's attitudes towards music and life. For example, "Alien" and "I Control You", "may be a little bit more selfish."

  As he grew older, he gradually realized that growth is a responsibility.

"I found that many people actually like me, so can my work bring some help to everyone, or help the world? It may not play a big role, but it can play a little role. ." So telling and sharing "love" "New World", and this new album came into being.

  But Hua Chenyu does not believe that this self-exposure change will also continue in his life.

He is more willing to clearly divide the self at work and the self in life.

"I used to belong to a person who was not very (willing) to share. Now I am starting to share, but after sharing, for me, my life status has not changed much, and it doesn’t matter whether it will change or not. It's easy." He is still not good at socializing, and will set a fixed period of "retreat" every year to live a free life under his control.

Even the slack revealed in the working state is only in a relatively "safe" environment like "Ace Vs Ace".

  "How do you think Hua Chenyu will change and stay the same after 30 years old?"

  "In fact, little has changed." Hua Chenyu did not hesitate.

"Like many years ago, when I first entered the industry, someone asked me, when you are old or old, you still live in this way? At that time, I felt that when I had become a grandfather, there would be The current state is pretty good."

  Fresh Q&A

  The Beijing News: The "2021 Mars Concert" is an idealized concert. What difficulties did you encounter from the idea to the realization?

  Hua Chenyu: Actually, the entire concert team is very experienced and the execution is quite smooth.

The only possible challenge is the length of each day, from more than 2 pm to 10 pm, there will be one or two hours of dinner time in the middle, and the amount of songs to be sung in a day is much greater than the amount of my previous (concert).

It will take another 6 days, and I don’t know if I can keep up with my physical fitness.

  Beijing News: Will you hear a lot of songs that you haven't heard before at the concert this time?

  Hua Chenyu: Yes.

First of all, there will be new songs that have not been released this year.

Then there will be many adaptations.

Because even if the stage lighting in the afternoon is turned on, the effect is not so obvious.

During the daytime, we will simplify things from clothing, makeup to music, such as unplugged, most of which are mainly for interaction with the audience.

After dark, when the lights come out, the night scene will be dominated by music, which is the feeling of a carnival night.

  Beijing News: What is the most impressive thing about being the chief director of a concert for the first time?

  Hua Chenyu: It is to go to the park in advance to "step on" these two months.

Because I wanted to help the fans experience the feeling of the concert in advance, I played it first.

I also look forward to it myself (the final presentation).

  Beijing News: Since your debut, you have invited Teacher Zheng Nan to be the producer of every album.

Have you ever thought of collaborating with different producers in the future?

  Hua Chenyu: I never thought, I only recognize Zheng Nan.

Because I think he knows me well.

The music I wrote myself will know what the final arrangement looks like. Every time I hand in the demo, there is already an arrangement. I want Zheng Nan to help me adjust the tone of each instrument; where there is more, remove a little Son, where is missing, make up a little bit, just to optimize my music.

Find another producer, you may have to run in again.

  Beijing News: You mentioned before that you are not good at writing words.

In fact, many singer-songwriters have regular co-writers. Have you ever thought about inviting a teacher to write lyrics for you?

  Hua Chenyu: When I write lyrics, because I don't have a fixed style, the lyricist for each genre may be different, so I think I should find different people to write the lyrics for my music.

  Beijing News: After the age of 30, will there be a new way to deal with public opinion?

  Hua Chenyu: Public opinion is okay, because I separate work and life.

The kind of growth I'm talking about is sharing. I want to use music to help others. It's actually a kind of growth in my work.

When I face my job, I think about what my job is and what value my job can bring to society, so I want to do what I can in this way and make a small contribution.

In life, I am still a little more selfish, but even if my works talk about large or small (themes), they will definitely be written in accordance with my own life.

  Written by/Beijing News reporter Zhang He