On November 25, the country's first cross-provincial comprehensive bonded zone—Beijing Daxing International Airport Comprehensive Bonded Zone (Phase I) passed the customs pre-acceptance inspection, marking that the construction of the Daxing Airport Comprehensive Bonded Zone has achieved phased results.

  In the morning, Beijing Customs and Shijiazhuang Customs led a joint pre-acceptance work group of 16 departments in the two provinces and municipalities of Beijing and Hebei to conduct on-site inspections of checkpoints, inspection sites, supervised warehouses, video surveillance facilities, customs declaration halls, etc. in the comprehensive security zone. It was unanimously agreed that the Daxing Airport Comprehensive Bonded Zone (Phase I) passed the pre-inspection and acceptance.

  It is understood that the Comprehensive Bonded Zone of Beijing Daxing International Airport was approved by the State Council in November 2020, with a planned area of ​​4.35 square kilometers, of which the first-phase application for customs clearance and acceptance area is 1.904 square kilometers.

The Daxing Airport Comprehensive Bonded Zone crosses Beijing and Hebei and is the first cross-provincial special customs supervision area in China.

At present, the infrastructure construction has been fully completed.

After the customs is closed and operated, it will be the first in the country to create an integrated customs clearance model of "one system, one tally, one inspection, and one lift-off".

(Song Mintao and Guo Lei came to Jingyao to produce Wang Jiayi)

Editor in charge: [Bian Liqun]