China News Service, Xi'an, November 25 (Reporter Zhang Yichen) "Shui Jing Zhu" contains: "The river flows to Tongji Guanshan in the south of the Guan, because it is called Tongguan." The Emperor Qianlong visited this place, and Zeng Yubi wrote "The First Pass" ".

In recent days, "Tongguan" has become a "difficulty" for many catering operators.

  According to media reports, on November 21st, the merchants of dozens of snack bars in Henan stated that the Roujiamo they sold was sued by the Shaanxi Tongguan Roujiamo Association for carrying the word "Tongguan" and demanded that they compensate 30,000 to 30,000 yuan. 50,000 yuan, if they want to continue to use the "Tongguan Roujiamo" trademark, they need to pay 99,800 yuan.

Merchants said that there are hundreds of snack bars across the country that have similar experiences with them.

  Shaanxi is the "hometown" of Roujiamo. The old Tongguan Roujiamo is characterized by its dry, crispy, crispy, fragrant, and fatty but not greasy.

According to legend, when Li Shimin passed through Tongguan, he was full of praise after tasting Tongguan Rou Jiamo.

Nowadays, Lao Tongguan Rou Jia Mo is one of the "business cards" of Shaanxi cuisine and is quite popular among diners.

  From the 24th to the 25th, the reporter visited a number of snack bars with the words "Tongguan Roujiamo".

The shopkeepers stated that they had not yet received compensation from the Tongguan Roujiamo Association, but they were incomprehensible about the association’s behavior of paying 99,800 yuan to use the "Tongguan Roujiamo" trademark.

If the other party requests compensation, it will be resolved through legal channels.

  There is "Xiaoyao Town Hu Spicy Soup" before, and "Tongguan Roujiamo" in the back.

Recently, trademark rights protection can be described as "press the gourd and float the scoop".

How can local cuisine become a personal brand?

What is the purpose of the "herding sheep-style" litigation for rights protection?

  "The rights protection of the'Tongguan Roujiamo Association' itself has been somewhat deviated from the legal basis of trademark infringement protection, and it is suspected that this kind of collective trademark of public welfare attributes is regarded as one's own, which is an act of seeking commercial monopoly. "Beijing Jincheng Tongda (Xi'an) Law Firm Zhang Huizi said in an interview with a reporter from China News Agency.

  According to Tianyan Check information, the registration date of the Tongguan Roujiamo Association was June 6, 2016, with a registered capital of 50,000 yuan. The legal representative is Wang Huafeng, the registration management authority is the Tongguan County Civil Affairs Bureau, and its business unit is the commercial industry of Tongguan County. Management office.

The association is a social organization whose purpose is the training, promotion and publicity of Tongguan Roujiamo.

  On the Internet, public opinion on this matter is almost overwhelming: How can a place name become a trademark?

Some netizens joked: "Lanzhou ramen, Shaxian snacks, Beijing roast duck, Wuhan hot dry noodles, and Guilin rice noodles began to tremble."

  On November 24, some netizens discovered that the website of the official website of the Shaanxi Tongguan Roujiamo Association was suspected to be hacked, and the interface was filled with green words "Unscrupulous Association" on a black background.

On the 25th, the reporter opened the website again, but the interface displayed "403 Error: Unreachable".

  Zhang Huizi said that for companies or associations that may have undesirable purposes, using authorization to do some unreasonable competition methods similar to industry monopolies, or requesting high membership fees, the parties can complain to the industrial and commercial department or report to the judicial administrative agency, etc. Ways to intervene in the handling of such incidents through the mediation of administrative agencies.

  A staff member of the Tongguan County Government in Shaanxi Province said during the interview that the local government has intervened to investigate the matter.

After the incident, the county has held a meeting to request the "Tongguan Roujiamo Association", including the management department of the association, to come up with a response plan as soon as possible. The details of the incident are still under investigation.