• Passionate about travel for several years, Râm Perry has photographed the world through his adventures around the world.

  • He exhibited several of his works until December 28 at the Convent des Minimes in Lille.

  • The opportunity to discover his shooting technique with round photos like the Earth.

For 20 years, Pierrick Lafages has caught the travel virus.

Equipped with his camera, this 43-year-old from Lille leaves every year for at least one month to the four corners of the globe.

India, Thailand, Indonesia, Norway, Nepal or even the United States, the adventurer has traced his path according to his desires and opportunities.

With a watchword: never plan too much in advance.

"By dint of traveling, I realized that the less I prepared, the more crazy things happened to me and the more it was brilliant", says this artist who works in events.

From all his travels, Pierrick has brought back various and varied experiences and encounters that he documents on a blog and especially photography.

Seduced by her work, a friend ended up offering her to do an exhibition at the Minimes Convent.

Round photos with different interpretations

From the beginning of November until December 28, Pierrick or rather Râm Perry, his artist name, exhibits 28 of his works in this magnificent Lille hotel.


A World, A Round.

Step 1

, the work of Lille is original by the form of his photos.

Taken in circles at a very wide angle (170 to 180 degrees, the equivalent of human vision) and integrated in the middle of a black square, his photos have several interpretations.

“These round photos first of all symbolize the planet, one of the few things that unites us all.

The second interpretation is human vision with the angle of the lens.

The third is the shape of an airplane or cargo window that recalls the journey.

You can also see a peephole, a bull's-eye that allows you to peek into another space, ”explains the photographer.

An exhibition in two parts

“And then, this choice of a circle in a square is inspired by one of the figures of classical composition in the Renaissance.

And then, I myself feel like a circle in a square.

I am a bit of a nonconformist in a square society.


Moreover, the exhibition is made in two parts with large format photos on zen, exotic themes.

And small formats in the corridors with more personal choices by Râm Perry, more human-oriented.

People, cultures, landscapes or change of scenery, the Lille exhibition sums up pretty well everything that makes travel so charming.


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