Sexual violence on campuses: how to listen and protect students?

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Demonstration in the streets of Paris against violence against women on November 23, 2019. REUTERS / Christian Hartmann

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Emmanuelle Bastide

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After the “Sciences Porcs” scandal at the beginning of the year or the recent investigation denouncing the extent of rapes and sexual assaults at CentraleSupelec, more and more students are denouncing the violence within their schools. establishments.


According to the Student Observatory on Sexual and Gender-Based Violence in Higher Education, in France 1 in 10 female students would have been the victim of sexual assault during their studies and 1 in 20 female students of rape.

Between omerta and ignorance of what characterizes rape, these figures would be underestimated.

Is the university a place that promotes sexual violence?

How to fight this feeling of impunity which seems to persist in the Grandes Ecoles?  

Program on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

Myriam Espinasse

, vice-president of the

Observatory for studying sexual and gender-based violence in higher education

Nathalie Coulon

, lecturer in psychology and co-head of

CEVIHS, Monitoring and information unit on sexual harassment at the University of Lille 3 

An interview with 

Chanel Miller

, a young woman raped at a university party on the Stanford campus in 2015, author of 

I have a name (Seek noon)


Charlie Dupiot 

interview with Chanel Miller, author of "I have a name" by Charlie Dupiot

And at the end of the program, 

the chronicle of psychologist Ibrahim Haïdara, Parents, children, here and elsewhere:

 when young people turn away from traditions  

Download here 

A weekly meeting to help parents, Ibrahim Haïdara is a psychologist

, firm PSY2A

in Bamako, Malo 

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