Watch the Universiade at an altitude of 500,000 meters!

"Dayun" satellite plans to launch next year

  Since the launch of the Universiade satellite on August 18 last year, it has attracted global attention.

As the official sole sponsor of the space technology category of the Universiade, National Star Aerospace plans to launch the AI ​​satellite "Universiade" named after the Universiade events next year.

According to the reporter's understanding, in the future, the Universiade satellite data will be dedicated to the construction of smart Universiade events and media coverage.

  On November 24th, the Chengdu Commercial Daily-Red Star News reporter visited the National Star Aerospace Satellite Operation Control System, Satellite Laboratory, "Eye of the Park", "Eye of the City", "Eye of Earth Disaster" and other AI satellite Internet. The platform provides an in-depth understanding of the innovative application scenarios of AI satellites in the construction of digital cities and the creation of Smart Universiade events.

In the discussion of "space, space, earth and people" in the media, China Star Aerospace demonstrated the application results of resource technologies such as satellite remote sensing images and satellite timing change flash maps in the construction of the Universiade venues and the development and changes of Chengdu city.

  During the reporting period of the Universiade, the 500,000-meter altitude satellite perspective is deeply integrated into new media technology, which will build a brand-new viewing experience for global audiences.

It is understood that after the launch of the Universiade satellite, it will provide integrated remote sensing image data application services for the Chengdu Universiade, including high-resolution remote sensing images programmed by participating universities around the world, remote sensing images of global participating cities, Chengdu landmarks, the latest venues, and important Universiade Location high-resolution remote sensing programming image map.

At the same time, the "Universal Universiade" satellite will also provide integrated media services such as flash images (satellite time-lapse images), fly to video (satellite perspective video), and full live broadcast points for the Universiade.

  Chengdu Commercial Daily-Red Star News reporter Li Bo Pei Han Photographer Zhang Zhi