The movie "Changjin Lake" is screened in Hong Kong: a vivid patriotism education class

  The film "Changjin Lake" with the theme of Resisting the United States and Aid Korea has recently been screened in Hong Kong cinemas.

Since its release on the 11th, the average daily film schedule has exceeded 150. The audience said that this is a vivid patriotism education class. They deeply understand that the stability and prosperity of the country nowadays are hard-won.

  Rong Shiyun, executive vice president of the Hong Kong Youth Federation Student Exchange Network: They have the heart to sacrifice themselves, just wanting their descendants and our country to have a stable (environment) in the future.

Therefore, I think our young people in Hong Kong are also very lucky, and we should cherish it.

  Yang Zhenglong, executive vice chairman of the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups: The most important and most cherished thing for our current generation is to know that the sacrifices of the martyrs are in exchange for our peace today.

With the word country, there must be a country before a home.

  Ma Chunling, director of the China Overseas Friendship Association: My father is also a veteran of the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea. (Before) I only heard my father say that he didn't feel so real and shocking like seeing this movie today.

It is a kind of patriotic education for us and taught us a good lesson.