Big Ramy the reason.. An Egyptian move to criminalize "secret" polygamy

Against the background of the great controversy raised by the second marriage of bodybuilding champion Big Ramy, after his wife announced that she only knew about this marriage from the media.

The Egyptian House of Representatives has witnessed moves to prepare new legislation to criminalize marriage without the knowledge of the first wife, and to oblige the husband to inform the wife, in the event that he marries another woman.

Representative Amal Salama announced a draft law criminalizing the second marriage without notifying the first wife, and demanded, among the amendments submitted, that the husband be punished with imprisonment if the wife was not formally notified, and stipulated imprisonment and a fine for the husband if his marital status was not acknowledged in the marriage document.

According to Al-Watan newspaper.

Representatives demanded the speedy introduction of the new personal status law, whether from Al-Azhar or the government, which faces many problems, including "custody, vision, second marriage and verbal divorce."

And Representative Hala Abu Al-Saad announced that she had submitted a draft to amend the law on polygamy without the knowledge of the wife.

The amendments include: “The husband must acknowledge in the marriage document his marital status. If he is married, he must indicate in the declaration the name of the wife or wives in his infallibility and their places of residence, and the notary must notify them of the new marriage by a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.”

According to the text of the law: “It is permissible for the wife to whom her husband married to ask for a divorce from him if he inflicted material or moral harm that makes it impossible to continue the ten years, even if she had not stipulated in the contract that he should not marry her, and if the judge is unable to reconcile between them, he will divorce her with an irrevocable divorce.”

The wife’s right to seek divorce for this reason shall be forfeited with the lapse of one year from the date of her knowledge of the marriage to another woman, unless she consented explicitly or implicitly, and her right to seek divorce is renewed whenever he marries another woman. to ask for a divorce.

Hala Abu Al-Saad told Al-Watan that the draft law addresses the problem of polygamy without the knowledge of the wife, and regulates the phenomenon of polygamy, which has sparked controversy recently, as it takes place without controls or impediments to the husband, and without taking into account the psychological and material damage that this causes to the wife.

Abu al-Saad added that Sharia gave the man the right to have polygamy, and Islam permits a man to marry more than one, but this permission is conditional on justice between wives “and if you are afraid that you will not be fair, then one” and financial and physical ability, and not affecting the first wife’s right to spending, living, housing, and material consideration, and even morale.

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