"Miracle" lineup exposed Yi Yang Qianxi leads the starring

  On November 23, the movie "Miracle" directed by Wen Muye, produced by Ning Hao and starring Yi Qianqianxi, released the "Miracle Team" character poster, officially revealing the lineup for the first time.

In addition to the previously announced guest actors Wang Chuanjun, Zhang Yu, and Yang Xinming, other actors made surprise appearances: Tian Yu, Chen Harin, Qi Xi, Gong Lei, Xu Juncong, Wang Ning, Huang Yao, and Gong Jinguo all jointly performed the appearance of ordinary people.

  "Miracle" is written by Zhou Chucen, Xiu Mendi, Wen Muye, Han Xiaohan, and Zhong Wei. It is set for the first day of the Lunar New Year. Since the official announcement was released on February 1, 2022, it has aroused many heated discussions. Director The combination of Wen Muye and the high-profile acting rookie Yi Yanqianxi undoubtedly doubles the quality of the film.

Regarding the theme of "Miracle", Wen Muye said: "It is about love. After reading it, you may regain the enthusiasm and courage in life."

  In Shenzhen, a city full of dreams and unlimited opportunities, "Miracle" tells the story of ordinary people pursuing happiness, and the core of this story is a pair of brothers and sisters who live in warm symbiosis in reality.

Chen Halin, who plays the role of sister Jing Tong, became acquainted with Yi Yang Qianxi in the 2017 variety show "Let go of My North Nose". This screen collaboration, the first performance of the Jing brothers and sisters, is also the first time the two reunited after three years. Poly.

Although she didn't have any acting experience, Ha Lin still impressed director Wen Muye with her natural acting and became the smallest actress who has collaborated with Yi Yan Qianxi.

  The director Wen Muye also gave a high evaluation for the performance of Yi Yang Qianxi this time: "He has a particularly juvenile appearance and a juvenile soul, but he has a very mature spirit. Both are very naive and innocent. On the other side, there is the side of carrying and persevering. Together, these two things are Jing Hao in my heart."

  The role played by ordinary and hard-working little characters in the play is also low-key and powerful actors outside the play. The casting of "Miracle" is accompanied by the different realistic perspectives of director Wen Muye. Outstanding character texture that belongs to "Miracle".

  Text/Reporter Xiao Yang