Canceled the contract with Huanrui, "Going Alone" Yang Zi's new drama started

  Yangcheng Evening News reporter Hu Guangxin

  Recently, Yang Zi peacefully terminated the contract with Huanrui Century, a brokerage company that he had worked with for six years, and established a personal studio.

She posted on social platforms: "Thank you for your support and company from the Huanrui Century family over the past six years. Although you will need to move forward alone in the future, I will continue to move forward more firmly and bravely for the cause I love."

  Although he chose to leave the large brokerage company and go it alone, Yang Zi's exposure has not been affected.

After she announced the termination of the contract, several film and television projects were announced one after another.

Among them, the drama "Female Psychologist" premiered on Youku yesterday, and the new movie "Drug Hunting" will be released in 2022.

"Female Psychologist" tries to be a counselor

  "Female Psychologist" is adapted from the novel of the same name by Bi Shumin and starred by Yang Zi, Jing Boran, Wang Jia, and Jian Renzi.

It tells the story of the psychological counselor He Dun (played by Yang Zi) who conducts psychological counseling for all kinds of visitors to help them embrace a better life again.

Along the way, He Dun and the radio anchor Qian Kaiyi (Jing Boran), his unexpected friends Ye Jiahui (Wang Jia), and his best friend Tang Lili (Suan Renzi), together healed in a series of joyful and moving experiences. Heal others, and gradually shake hands with my own trauma in the process of helping others.

  The previously released card posters revealed the character tags of the main characters in the play: He Dun-SMART (smart), Qian Kaiyi-PASSIONATE (enthusiastic), Ye Jiahui-MYSTERIOUS (mysterious), Tang Lili- DECISIVE (decisive).

  In the story, "Female Psychologist" focuses on a number of social hot topics. The first episode aired last night touched on the issue of youth suicide.

  As a psychological counselor at the Suicide Intervention Center, Horton received a call for help from Yuna (Zhang Ruonan), a female high school student.

At the critical moment, Yuna's substitute teacher Qian Kaiyi also rushed to the scene in time.

In order to dispel Yuna's suicidal thoughts and explore the truth of the incident, He Dun and Qian Kaiyi staged a wonderful drama of emergency rescue.

  At the same time, Qian Kaiyi’s psychological talk show "Night Talks in the Heart" is about to be broadcast, and a psychological counselor is urgently needed to join him. He was impressed by the professional ability demonstrated by He Dun and wanted to invite He Dun to participate in the show...

  In the play, the psychologist constantly sorts out the psychological problems of the visitors and guides them patiently, helping the visitors to understand themselves from a professional perspective, thereby generating a willingness to help themselves.

The "self-help" of visitors from the psychologist's "other assistance" is the first step to break the psychological siege.

  This not only inspires the visitors in the play to break through the psychological dilemma, but also heals the audience outside the play, guides the public to examine their own psychological state, and conveys the warm care full of social observations.

"Drug Hunting" challenges female anti-drug police

  In addition to the "Female Psychologist" that has already been broadcast, Yang Zi recently announced a new film "Drug Hunting" in which she played the role of the female drug police officer Luo Jia.

  The film tells the story of Luo Jia's first undercover mission due to the sacrifice of his comrades, disguised as a female drug dealer, and sneaked into a drug cartel.

In order to quickly gain the trust of drug dealer Liu Xingjie (Wang Qianyuan), Luo Jia took the risk many times, and in this contest, there is even greater danger...The policeman played by Yang Zi not only has to change his appearance and make changes, but also be familiar with the drug dealer’s experience. All kinds of trading lingo.

During the undercover process, the drug dealer, played by Wang Qianyuan, set up many trials, even fatal tests.

  The film has already started shooting in Qingdao.

Yang Zi said: "During this time, I have communicated with the front-line anti-drug police. Because of the danger of this profession, their merit and fame are behind the scenes, so I hope to interpret this role well to pay tribute to them." The movie "Hunting" Poison will be released in 2022.