[Commentary] The students were dressed up, put on shoes, communicated in sign language, and directed in front of the stage. During the recording of the National Disabled People's Art Show, Zhao Jing, a dance teacher at Taiyuan School for the Deaf, was extremely busy on stage. This is her 19th year leading students Participate in the National Art Performance for the Disabled.

She has devoted herself to dance education for 22 years. She has sent nearly a hundred deaf students to the national and even international stages, allowing them to dance in the much-anticipated "silent world".

  After graduating in 1999, Zhao Jing, who majored in music education, was assigned to the Taiyuan School for the Deaf. From the endless conservatory of music to a silent world, Zhao Jing worked hard to adapt.

  [Concurrent] Zhao Jing, dance teacher of Taiyuan School for the Deaf

  After I came, I felt that the atmosphere was all very quiet, because I was studying music. After I came, I felt very quiet, but I felt a little uncomfortable at the beginning.

Actually, I don’t know sign language after graduating from university. After I came here, I learned with the children. We have a sign language book. The first is to learn from sign language books. The above abcd needs to be learned, finger language, and some are commonly used. Some of the words will be there, but when we communicate with children, I think this improvement is the biggest.

After getting in touch with the children, I gradually adapted to this place, slowly fell in love with it, and liked the children here even more.

  [Explanation] As a dance teacher, facing a group of hearing-impaired children, how to make them feel the music and unify the rhythm?

Zhao Jing kept groping in her teaching.

  [Concurrent] Zhao Jing, dance teacher of Taiyuan School for the Deaf

  This is actually the biggest difficulty. First, let the children understand what the music expresses, first understand what its rhythm and beat look like, let them listen to the sound of the floor first, and listen to it on the stereo. I listened to the vibration on the piano, and told them that the music is produced by the vibration. After that, let them watch the video. Watch some videos of dancers. While they dance, I explain to the children, using more exaggerated language and More vivid words, as well as my facial expressions, and all aspects of driving, let the children have more sense of involvement and penetration, so let them understand the music better.

  [Explanation] During the rehearsal, the children of the dance team were not afraid of hardship, their knees were broken, and the burrs on the props got stuck in their hands. They all responded firmly. Zhao Jing and the children made progress together with encouragement.

Since 2003, she has led children to participate in national dance competitions.

"The sun here is also shining", "Ping Pong Pong", "Washing clothes under the river"... A number of dances have won children many awards, and they also have more opportunities to contact the outside world.

  [Concurrent] Zhao Jing, dance teacher of Taiyuan School for the Deaf

  In 2006, when I went to the Badaling Great Wall, it was the (Beijing Paralympic Games) mascot promulgation ceremony. I remember that I was on the same stage with Andy Lau, (this is) the first time I took the children out.

In 2008, when we participated in the Beijing Paralympic Games, I took our children to the Bird’s Nest and represented Shanxi to participate in the sign language song "Hello Stars". In 2010, I participated in the Stars Award, and in 2010, for a long time throughout the year, we went to tour.

Then in 2011, he participated in the CCTV television dance competition.

  [Explanation] Under the leadership of Zhao Jing and the teachers, through dance training and performances, the children have also made a big change.

They are becoming more and more confident and willing to show themselves as class leaders and dance captains. Some students also take dance as their career, join the China Disabled People's Art Troupe, and insist on dance performances.

  [Concurrent] Zhao Jing, dance teacher of Taiyuan School for the Deaf

  From the beginning, she was timid and not very expressive. Then through this dance rehearsal, she learned dance, went out to perform and came back. After seeing more worlds, she seemed to feel confident in the class, so she took her That kind of self-confidence strengthened.

Everyone thinks that you are so tired. If you say what you plan to do, you don't plan to do anything, just take the students out for a walk.

After going out for a rehearsal, it was (others said) that these children are really sunny, and this group of children danced really well. I heard these words, and I thought I was worth it.

I think I will continue to lead the children, discover more good children, and lead more children out of our school and onto a bigger stage.

  Qu Lixia and Wu Qiong report from Shanxi Taiyuan

Editor in charge: [Li Yuxin]