Felling work began this Saturday in the park of the Château de Compiègne (Oise).

They should last a year.

The goal is to uproot and remove 80 of the 248 trees along the florist's aisle.

The axis is bordered by hundred-year-old trees or almost planted between 1907, indicates France 3 Hauts-de-France.

The plants removed must eventually be replaced by 190 lime trees as part of the redevelopment project launched by the site managers.

The trees had not kept their original alignment.

The new plants of the species

Tilia cordata

, with small leaves, aged 7 or 8 years should thus restore its "splendor of yesteryear" to the park of the castle of Compiègne, estimated the management of the place.

For the same reasons, the liner of the driveway will also be renewed.

Aesthetic criteria are not, however, the only motivations for which the work has been started.

Unhealthy trees

Many trees were sick or weak.

"The periods of drought and heatwave, especially that of 2020, have accelerated the process of withering away many trees", explains the management of the castle, which wishes to limit the risk of tree falls on walkers in the event of strong winds.


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