• The number of Covid-19 cases is skyrocketing in all the departments of Occitanie.

  • Sports and festive gatherings are according to the ARS particularly permeable to this fifth wave.

  • With rare exceptions, new hospital patients are not vaccinated.

  • In the region, only a third of those over 65 have taken the step of recall.

Rebelote, red alert. In Occitania, the fifth wave of Covid-19 has gone in two weeks from a vague fear to an alarming reality. "The restart is very fast and very strong," assures Pierre Ricordeau, the director general of the regional health agency. In seven days, the number of identified contaminations jumped 86% and this Tuesday the regional incidence rate is 187 cases per 100,000 inhabitants (against 126 a week ago), the most affected departments being the Hautes-Pyrénées (242.9), Ariège (237.5) and Aveyron (222.7). The Hérault is at 222.1, the Haute-Garonne at 154.5.

If this acceleration of the circulation of the virus is "fairly homogeneous on the territory and by age groups", the health authorities note that the most "complex" contact-tracing operations are linked to contamination in "sports circles" and festive gatherings.

Hospitalizations that start to increase again

And if the impact of this start of the fifth wave on hospital activity is still "moderate", it is starting to be felt "on the number of hospitalized patients - now more than 200 per week - or entries into intensive care - more than 50 per week ”.

“But this hospitalization effect should not lead to fears about vaccination, insists Pierre Ricordeau.

Even if it has a lower efficacy on contamination, we see that it remains a powerful protection against severe forms ”.

To his knowledge, there are no double-vaccinated patients in intensive care in Occitania, apart from very specific cases of immunosuppression.

Only a third of injected boosters

Pending the decisions of the Sanitary Defense Council on Wednesday, the ARS urges residents eligible for the recall - for the time being the over 65s, frail people and those who have received the Jansen single-dose vaccine - "not to not wait and do it as soon as possible ”.

Because if 90% of the inhabitants of Occitania over 12 years old have a complete vaccination schedule, only a third of those over 65 have taken the step of the booster.

As for the 10% refractory to serum, Pierre Ricordeau simply believes that there are "significant probabilities that these people will be contaminated in the coming weeks", unless they live in recluse.


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