, Harbin, November 22 (Reporter Liu Xiju) On the evening of the 22nd, the last confirmed case of new coronary pneumonia in Harbin was cured and discharged from the Harbin No. 6 Hospital, the designated treatment hospital for new coronary pneumonia.

  Before discharge from the hospital, this patient was a mild-to-normal case of new coronary pneumonia. After scientific guidance by the expert group and comprehensive diagnosis and treatment by medical staff, this case has met the National Health Commission's criteria for curing and discharging confirmed cases of new coronavirus pneumonia.

  After being discharged from the hospital, he was transferred to Harbin No. 2 Hospital for rehabilitation observation and health monitoring.

After the patient was cured and discharged from the hospital, Harbin City has cleared all confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in this round of intensive treatment.