Five people, including a former president of a local fishery processing company and a fishery cooperative employee, were charged with stealing bonito at the Yaizu fishing port in Shizuoka prefecture, which boasts the largest amount of frozen bonito landed in Japan.

NHK independently obtained the storage records of the freezing warehouse of the fish processing company where the bonito was brought in.

Records show that bonito for raw consumption, which the company does not handle, has been stored under the name of the company for two years, and the total amount has reached about 230 tons, and it is suspected that police have repeatedly stolen it. I'm looking into it.

Five people, including Kazuo Shindo (60), the former president of the Yaizu fishery processing company "Kaneshin JKS", and Minoru Yoshida (40), the chief of the outport sales floor of the Yaizu Fisheries Cooperative Association, have been working at the Yaizu fishing port in February. So, another company has been accused of stealing about 4 tons of landed frozen bonito, which has a market value of about 1 million yen.

Regarding this incident, NHK independently obtained the storage record of the freezer warehouse where the bonito was brought in.

According to records, since January, bonito for raw consumption called "PS" landed by multiple shipping companies has been repeatedly brought to the warehouse and stored under the name of Kanesin JKS, and the total amount is about 230. I found that I was going up to a ton.

According to police investigation, Kanesin JKS manufactures and sells processed foods and does not usually handle bonito for raw consumption, so police suspect that former president Shindo and others colluded and repeatedly stole. I'm investigating that there is also.