China News Service, Jiaxing, November 22 (Shi Zinan, Chen Jie, and Cheng Yajun) The reporter was informed on the 22nd that Ge Qifeng, an investigator from the Xiashi Police Station of the Haining City Public Security Bureau, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, succeeded because he "looked more" in one day. Two criminal suspects were arrested.

  At around 7 o'clock in the morning, Ge Qifeng and his colleagues were waiting in line for the medical examination outside the hospital CT.

When he raised his head, his eyes inadvertently swept to a man in black who was waiting.

Just because of this "one more look", the man in black was taken into the police car by the police.

The suspect was taken to the police to drive to Yajun

  It turned out that in June of this year, an injury case occurred in the Xiashi area. The suspect Cao (the above-mentioned black-clothed man) has been on the run after beating him with minor injuries.

Cao couldn't think that he would be caught in the hospital by Ge Qifeng who came for a physical examination.

  The incident did not end here.

Ge Qifeng, who had just caught a suspect, caught a criminal suspect again at noon the same day because he "looked more".

  At noon that day, a citizen came to the Xiashi police station to call the police, saying that there were few things in the car.

At that time, when Ge Qifeng received this citizen, he felt that the man he was accompanying was familiar.

Taking a closer look, the accompanying man Jiang was the suspect who fraudulently used other people's credit cards to commit fraud.

Ge Qifeng recognizes the suspect Cheng Yajun again

  Afterwards, Jiang confessed that he thought that no one would recognize him when he was wearing a mask, but he did not expect that he would become the second arrested person in a day because of Ge Qifeng's "take a look".

  At present, the two suspects have been taken criminal coercive measures by the Haining police, and the case is under further investigation.

  Two criminal suspects were arrested in one day and Ge Qifeng, who has been engaged in criminal investigation for 14 years, said that he combed all kinds of information on fugitives every day, accumulating and never forgetting.

Up to now, Ge Qifeng has assisted in the arrest of more than 600 suspects of various crimes with a pair of "hot eyes and golden eyes".