On November 21st, the new product launch conference of Aifeibao with the theme of "Prosperity Ingenuity and Great Country Courtesy" was held in Hangzhou Xizi Hotel.

At the press conference, A9+ Cabernet Sauvignon dry red, A8+ Cabernet Sauvignon dry red, A8+ Chardonnay dry white made by Chateau Effie was unveiled.

A-series new product release of Efeburg (photo courtesy of Changyu)

The new A+ series of Efeburg releases a century-old craftsmanship to make Chinese business cards

  In order to carry forward the spirit of ingenuity and inherit the national skills, Chateau Efebo and the masters of arts and crafts launched a joint work "Afebo X Chinese Arts and Crafts Masters". The joint works are limited to 3000 sets worldwide, and each piece is designed by three masters. Producer, and has a unique number.

  The first auction ceremony of the joint works No. 1 and 2 of "Affiliate X Chinese Arts and Crafts Masters" was also held on the spot.

These two sets of products include the "Begonia Chunxiao" famille rose cup personally produced by the Chinese arts and crafts master Ji Xigui, the bronze sculpture "Mountain" made by Zhu Bingren, the inheritor of the national intangible cultural heritage bronze carving skills, and Chinese master brewer Li Jiming personally presided over the blending and brewing of the limited-edition "Jiangya Yunhai" product of Fort Effe.

At the auction, after several rounds of placard bids, the joint works No. 1 and No. 2 of "Affiliate X Chinese Arts and Crafts Masters" were finally sold at high prices of 88,000 yuan and 56,000 yuan respectively.

  Since the official opening of the winery in 2007, Efeburg has been on the stage of state banquets more than 40 times.

"At Chateau Effie, from planting a vine to brewing a bottle of wine, it takes 25 years to wait. It's time and focus to make a great wine." Master Li Jiming said, "The winemaker is a winemaker. This is a very demanding profession. In the face of differences in quality and flavor between different plots, different vintages, and different grape varieties, winemakers need to make judgments and work out different brewing techniques. Every detail will affect the wine's quality. Style, we must be strict with ourselves."

  Behind the quality of the Efeburg State Banquet is the ingenuity of the winery from planting to brewing.

In order to demand high-quality raw materials, the plant row spacing of the vineyards of the Chateau Efeburg is controlled at 2.5 meters and the plant spacing is 1 meter. Only 266 vines are planted per acre, and each vine produces only one bottle of good wine.

Strict production control requirements also make the quality standards of Chateau Efebo better than the French AOC legal production area standards.

  With first-class quality, the products of Chateau Efebo have successively won gold medals in Brussels International Wine Competition, MUNDUS VINI World Wine Competition and other competitions.

In this year's Decanter World Wine Competition (DWWA), Chateau Everbright A8 Chardonnay Dry White won the highest award-the Platinum Award. This is the highest honor Chinese wine has won in this competition, and it is also a Chinese dry white wine. Won "Platinum" for the first time.

Sun Jian, General Manager of Changyu Co., Ltd. (Photo courtesy of Changyu)

"Xizi Manifesto" shows the confidence of Chinese culture with Chinese ingenuity

  "The craftsman spirit that I understand, from a larger perspective, is related to the comprehensive strength, status and influence of a country. From a small point of view, for a company, whether there is a craftsman spirit determines how far the company can go and how capable it is. How high it is. For a person, like all the masters present here, it is the same. Only with the spirit of craftsman can you reach the highest peak of this industry." Sun Jian, general manager of Changyu Co., Ltd., said that Changyu can step by step to where it is today. The location is also the craftsman spirit at play.

"In the nearly 130 years of Changyu's development, we have experienced high-light moments and some downturns. Without a century-old ingenuity, we can't hold our job well."

Changyu and Chinese arts and crafts master Ji Xigui, national intangible cultural heritage bronze carving skills inheritor Zhu Bingren, Chinese culinary master Zhu Qijin and representatives of outstanding entrepreneurs from Zhejiang jointly announced the "Xizi Declaration".

(Photo courtesy of Changyu)

  "Working diligently and conscientiously as a craftsman. We are the advocates and guardians of the spirit of Chinese craftsmen. Carrying forward the spirit of craftsmanship and inheriting a century of skills are the need for social progress, the driving force for national development, and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. At the event site, Changyu and Master Ji Xigui, Master Zhu Bingren, Master Zhu Qijin and representatives of outstanding entrepreneurs from Zhejiang jointly announced the "Xizi Manifesto" to show the confidence of Chinese culture with Chinese ingenuity and promote Chinese brands to the world.

  "As a craftsman, you must have perseverance and stand the temper. No matter what difficulties you encounter, you can adjust your mentality and stick to the end, so that you can create good works." The old porcelain craftsmanship has 72 different processes. Generally speaking, each process is completed by a different master, but Ji Xigui requires herself to "grab it with one hand". She firmly believes that only by practicing for a long time and constantly honing her skills can practice make perfect.

"The so-called ingenuity is the pursuit of ultimate beauty. Great things need not only inheritance, but also innovation." Zhu Bingren believes that as a craftsman, we must strengthen cultural confidence and use superb Chinese craftsmanship to tell Chinese stories.

  In the past 10 years, in order to break the foreign monopoly, Li Jiming has conducted in-depth research on local yeasts in my country, and finally screened out three groups of local yeasts with independent intellectual property rights that have excellent brewing properties and applied them to product production.

Li Jiming said, “We have the responsibility and the ability to explore Chinese customs, brew Chinese flavors, tell Chinese stories, spread Chinese culture, show China’s confidence, and make more people around the world like Chinese brewing.”