You have had a suffocating weekend with fine dust at the end of autumn.

Fortunately, the dust is expected to gradually dissipate with the rain at night, but instead, after this rain, the winter cold is fast approaching this week.

First of all, the rain will spread to the whole country overnight, starting with the metropolitan area and Chungnam on the night of the 21st.

The amount is not much, about 5~20mm, but as the temperature drops, rain may change to snow in some areas with high land such as southwestern Gyeonggi, northern Chungcheong, and Gangwon inland.

The cold wind will also be strong.

Tomorrow morning in Seoul, the temperature will start at 3 degrees and the daytime temperature will stop at 6 degrees.

In addition, as the wind blows strongly like this, a strong wind advisory will be issued gradually for the coast and Jeju area.

In particular, on the morning of the next day, the temperature in Seoul will drop to -3 degrees below zero.

Please dress appropriately for the rapidly changing weather.

(Tae-Bin Yang, Weather Caster)