In an attempt to verify the safety of flight in places where people and buildings are crowded, a demonstration experiment of a service that delivers food using a drone was conducted at a complex facility in Tokyo, which is crowded with shoppers.

This demonstration experiment was conducted by JR East and others at a complex facility in Minato-ku, Tokyo. First, a drone carrying food prepared at a restaurant in the facility took off from the terrace on the 4th floor, aiming for a plaza on the 1st floor about 50 meters away. I did.

The drone flew a route set up to safely fly through facilities crowded with shoppers, using GPS and image recognition technology, and delivered food to customers in about two minutes.

This was the first demonstration experiment in Tokyo, where people and buildings are crowded, and the mother who visited with her child said, "The food was not broken and it was a special experience. I think it would be fun if these services increased." I was talking.

In the next fiscal year, it is expected that a more advanced flight system called "Level 4" will start to fly in areas where people are not visible, and JR East and others want to verify safety while looking at the new system. increase.

Toshihiko Matsuo, Manager of JR East Business Creation Headquarters, said, "If" Level 4 "is realized, we would like to verify how much the cost of flight watch can be reduced and proceed with the study of commercialization." ..