A police interview revealed that an 89-year-old driver, who was arrested in an accident in which a car went out of control in Osakasayama City, Osaka Prefecture, killed and injured three people, stated that he had not applied the side brake. ..

The police are investigating the detailed situation, saying that "the car that was parked started to move and was in a hurry."

On the 17th, a car ran out of control near a supermarket in Osakasayama City, hitting three people, killing Hiroyuki Okada (87), who lives nearby, and injuring two women.

Takashi Yokoyama (89), who was arrested after the accident while driving a car, was sent to the Sakai branch of the Osaka Regional Prosecutor's Office on the morning of the 19th on suspicion of being fatally injured by negligent driving.

According to an interview with the police, he stated that he had not applied the side brake to the subsequent investigation.

He also said that he accidentally stepped on the accelerator because the car he had stopped moving started to move, and the police were upset by the creep phenomenon peculiar to automatic cars and started driving. I think I made a mistake and am investigating the detailed situation.