Missing driver in the desert: Now, my family, Al-Faza'a... "It took me two days and I didn't drink" (video)


He documented a video clip published by a Sudanese driver in Saudi Arabia before he was rescued after his truck was stuck in the sand in the desert for two days.

And the driver said in the video: "Peace be upon you, I give you good tidings. Now, my generation of fear, and praise be to God, my Lord responded to me, and God is great, and I spoke to one who said to me, I bring you seven cars of fear, which is the fear."

He continued: "I was forced to see the land and the cells in which I am for two days. I did not eat or drink, thank God, the fear is coming, God is greater, God willing, and by God, the Saudis did not fall short, and God did not know me. You see the car stuck and helpless."

And he continued: "After a while, I brought you the good news. The nation of Muhammad is in good health, Lord, to you be praise and thanks," according to Al-Marsad newspaper.

The first video, which was published by the Sudanese driver, as he monitored the moment the rescue team vehicles and citizens flocked to him, showed his great happiness when he saw the rescue teams’ cars to help him, shouting out loud: “Welcome to panic, and by God, welcome to panic” and his tears shed.

After losing him two days ago.. #Watch.. the reaction of a Sudanese driver the moment the rescue squad found him in the desert #Northern_Borders #Rafha #Arar #Tarif #Al-Uwaigila

https://t.co/b3G6r6IZTz pic.twitter.com/xBcaIUde0V

- Rafha News (@rafhanewss) November 18, 2021

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