Hani Shaker: Muhammad Ramadan is imprisoned, and we cannot prevent him from singing

The head of the Syndicate of Musical Professions, artist Hani Shaker, commenting on the situation of the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, after banning 19 festival singers from singing: “Mohamed Ramadan’s situation is special, as he is a member of the Syndicate of Representative Professions, and therefore whoever prevents him and grants him Dr. Ashraf Zaki, and when an answer comes from him By allowing Muhammad Ramadan to sing, by saying that he works, because he is a member of the artistic union.”

Hani Shaker added, to the "Hewar Al-Khamis" program: "When I make a movie and I want to act, I take permission from Dr. Ashraf Zaki, he allows me to act because I am a member of the Technical Syndicate."

He added: "Muhammad Ramadan is holed up because he is a union member, and then the public has the right to accept or not accept, and this is a message I would like to send to the public. Who is the one who succeeds these people and who doesn't?

If you are dissatisfied with what they offer, you will not listen.”

He added: "The syndicate has limits, of course there are beautiful voices in the art scene, but unfortunately these strange phenomena are the ones that appear and spread faster, anyone who takes off or says strange words is this who is riding the trend, may God have mercy on us from this trend."

He continued, "I hope the great audience in Egypt and the Arab world will stand with us to purify the artistic atmosphere in Egypt and the Arab world."

The Syndicate of Musical Professions decided to ban a large number of festival singers by a collective decision of the Syndicate Council, according to Mansour Hindi, head of the Syndicate's work committee.

The banned names include: Hamo Beka, Hassan Shakoush, and it was decided to cancel the annual permit for “Coriander and Throat - Mustafa Zakaria Muhammad Ali, known as Muslim - Abu Laila - Ahmed Qassem Al-Shahra Filho, Ahmed Moza - Hamo Taykha - Feather Costa Samara - Shawahah - Welad Selim - The Gang.” - Leader - Alaa Fifty - High Heels Band - Magdy Shatta - Wazah Matariya - Shaqal - Amr Haha.

The union confirmed in a statement: "It is strictly forbidden for anyone who is not a member of the union and who is not authorized to work until their conditions in the union are corrected and the exams are passed."

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