[Site] What they told me from the hospital just now is that they are going to have an operation right away. They will pay a thousand yuan to the hospital, and then they will transfer it to you after I immediately contacted her family. Can you please?

Because I am very anxious to come back this time, I don't have any money with me, do you see if you have it?

No no, no money.

  [Explanation] On November 19, in a park in the Pidu District of Chengdu, Sichuan Province, because of his love of hot pot, sweets, and drinking liquor and cola became popular on the Internet, Yu Zeqin, who was affectionately referred to by netizens as "grandmother," and "fraud" "Guild" fighting wit and courage.

  It is understood that the fraud scene performed in the park that day was actually an anti-fraud test jointly designed by the "Police Shop" of the Fangcao Street Police Station of the Chengdu High-tech Public Security Bureau and the short video blogger Tong Ruocheng based on current common fraud tactics. Shooting of anti-fraud promo.

During the filming, different scam "routines" took turns to play, "Foodie Grandma" Yu Zeqin played all the way, and finally passed the customs successfully.

  [Concurrent] Short video blogger Tong Ruocheng

  Scams are actually quite a lot of things around us, but many people may be negligent, and they don't have the awareness of prevention, so I think it is necessary to make such a video related to anti-fraud with everyone.

Basically today, I used several common scams, which are close to each other, and then invested in health care products. There are also such things as saying that my family has an accident and need to pay temporarily. Basically I think I can think of the routines, methods, All the temptations have been said, but my grandma is completely unmoved. I think my voice is already dumb. She doesn't account for the slightest advantage, which surprised me.

  [Commentary] Since there is no Taiwanese book, granddaughter Cai Yunen was also watching her when her grandmother was filming.

She admitted that letting her grandma take part in the filming was actually a test of her anti-fraud awareness. She did not expect her to be so vigilant.

Seeing grandma facing the fraud and thinking of leaving, Cai Yunen was surprised and proud and pleased.

She confessed that her grandma had been deceived before, and she also hopes to use her experience to remind more people to stay vigilant at all times, not to be greedy or not to be fooled.

  [Contemporary] "Foodie Grandma" Yu Zeqin's granddaughter Cai Yunen

  I also want to test whether my grandma will be deceived by some of the current scams. As a result, I didn't expect this result to make us surprised that grandma is really that kind of cautious.

I remember that grandma was actually scammed, so I hope to use this experience of 100-year-old grandma to tell you that, in fact, there are many kinds of scams now, and they are updated every day, so I hope everyone can Be vigilant and don't be fooled by this dazzling trick.

  [Commentary] After the filming, Dong Yutao, an anti-fraud police officer at the "Police Shop" of the Fangcao Street Police Station of Chengdu High-tech Public Security Bureau, also gave Yu Zeqin a small gift for successfully breaking through the customs, and at the same time promoted and explained the anti-fraud and anti-fraud to grandma. .

Dong Yutao said that in recent years, there have been endless types of fraud. They hope that through the shooting of anti-fraud videos, they can give more young people a piece of advice. Since centenarians can pass the anti-fraud test, young people should also be more cautious and learn from Yu Zeqin. .

  [Concurrent] Dong Yutao, an anti-fraud policeman at the Fangcao Street Police Station of Chengdu High-tech Public Security Bureau

  I would like to take this opportunity to tell everyone that fraudulent methods are often renovated and the string of prevention must be tightened. I hope that everyone is not greedy, unbelief, or fooled like a grandmother.

In the future, we will also have an upgrade method in the "Police Shop" under the jurisdiction of the Fangcao Street Police Station on our side. We also hope that the general public can come to our Fangcao Street area to participate in our "Police Shop". The anti-fraud clearance test.

  Yang Yudian and He Meikun report from Chengdu, Sichuan

Editor in charge: [Ji Xiang]