The famous trumpeter Ack van Rooyen from The Hague passed away on Thursday at the age of 91, his family reported on Thursday.

Van Rooyen is considered one of the founders of jazz in the Netherlands.

De Hagenaar played with the orchestra The Ramblers in the 1950s.

He was part of the first modern jazz generation in Europe and recorded many records with both Dutch and international artists.

He was a founding member of the United Jazz & Rock Ensemble, was principal soloist with several orchestras and played with Miles Davis and the Quincy Jones Orchestra.

His playing, especially on the flugelhorn, is renowned worldwide for its virtuosity and musicality.

Van Rooyen has been awarded several times for his services to jazz music.

He received a German knighthood in 2006, the Singer Laren Jazz Award in 2007, and the Blijvend Applause Prize in 2017.

Two days after his 90th birthday, he was made an officer in the Order of Orange-Nassau.

The trumpeter performed with the Metropole Orchestra at the end of 2020.

The orchestra invited him to the first performance after the months-long coronalockdown.

This recording was released on CD and was recently awarded an Edison.