Muhammad Najati complains about Menna Arafa: “I made problems at home”

The Egyptian artist, Mohamed Nagati, submitted a complaint to the captain of the acting professions, artist Ashraf Zaki, after the husband was named in his name in the case of the separation of the artist, Menna Arafa, and her husband, the artist Mahmoud Al-Mahdi, considering that the matter caused him problems in his private life, and his wife began to ask what scenes he might have. It leads to the separation of a couple.

Over the past few days, several posts have spread, indicating that the recent crisis between the artist, Menna Arafa and her husband, was caused by one of the scenes that brought Menna Arafa together with Muhammad Najati, in the events of the series "Villa 101".

Najati told the "ET in Arabic" program, "I submitted a complaint to Dr. Ashraf Zaki, the captain of the acting professions, after I was involved in a topic that has nothing to do with me, and my denial on social media platforms, which is an insult to me, the issue is growing and I have a crisis with the matter, even my children's colleagues At school, they tell them that their father caused the divorce of Menna Arafa, so she appeared in a video on social media platforms to clarify the reality of the scenes and the reality.

Nagati added, that he was then surprised by Mahmoud Al-Mahdi, the husband of the young artist, publishing a video clip on his account on “Instagram”, accusing him of lying, which is not true, as he put it, saying: “The separation was not due to the scene of measuring her pulse in the events of the series, and he said that because of My pregnancy scene for her, and in the end I did not carry her and I respected her refusal, so why did the separation take place.”

Regarding the rumors that Menna Arafa’s contract with the production company includes the absence of any touching scenes with any actor, Najati explained: “If she is going on like this, why would I change the scenario, I have no relationship, the matter concerns the author, director and producing company.”

He pointed out that filming the series is currently suspended due to the change of decor, but there is a scene remaining that combines him with Menna Arafa, explaining: "Fadel is a scene by hitting her with the pen, but after returning to the union and knowing the truth of her contract with the producing company, the fate of the scene will be determined."

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