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  • Today, “Le cauchemar de Socrate” by Stanislas Graziani, published on October 1, 2021 by Éditions Beaurepaire.

Christian Dorsan, novelist, blogger and contributor to the

20 Minutes


reading group

, recommends 

Le cauchemar de Socrate

 by Stanislas Graziani, published on October 1, 2021 by Éditions Beaurepaire.

Her favorite quote:

“I wonder why we bother torturing us.

It's so much more efficient, your thing.

What's it called again?

- Democracy."

Why this book?

  • Because a few months before the presidential election,

    it is necessary to put into perspective the seriousness displayed by our policies.

    The risk of this pamphlet novel is to look too much at the faults of others, at the risk of forgetting our own.

    Stanislas Graziani repairs this oversight: if our leaders are manipulative, it is because we are manipulable.

  • Because stuffed with humor, saucy puns,

    schoolboys but always directed with a view to making ridiculous and cynical the words of politicians, we think we are reading a joke.

    However, this book is in reality the sad and meaningless mirror of our own consumer society.

  • Because this book traces us, casually, the history

    of a political system, ours, and the arrival of a complex republic in the service, mainly, of its elected officials.

The essentials in 2 minutes

The plot.

 : A crooked politician is propelled with his illegitimate son, a failed and complexed artist, in ancient Greece, in Athens.

It is the opportunity for him to modernize the time by using the corruption and artifices of our present time.


 Daniel Dravot crooked politician in love with Diotima, Tom artist failed hopelessly in love with Melpomene, Socrates and his disciples, the philosophers and all the elders of ancient Greece and the Athenians.



The time.

 Contemporary of Socrates.

The author.

 Stanislas Graziani is a screenwriter and director.

He is also the creator of the Plan Bizz web series.

He publishes his first novel here.

This book was read with

 jubilation, the schoolboy humor and the puns of Stanislas Graziani give a playful form to this cheerful pamphlet of our society.

But basically, it is a final indictment of our consumerist world and our democracies bogged down in the star-system for the benefit of ideology.

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