Clément Perruche 3:52 p.m., November 17, 2021

Mdoloris is a Lille company that has developed a monitor capable of measuring in real time the pain felt by a patient.

Fabien Pagniez, the founder of the company, was the guest of "La France bouge" this Wednesday.

He explained the multiple applications of this unique device in the world. 


How to measure the pain of a patient in a coma?

A Lille company, Mdoloris, has developed a device to accurately measure the pain experienced by patients who cannot express it.

An innovation that is unique in the world, with multiple applications.

Fabien Pagniez, the founder of the company detailed at the microphone of

La France move

the many applications of his device.

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Analyze the reptilian brain

The Lille company is the only one in the world to be able to capture the activity of the reptilian brain, which is responsible for all the brain's unreflected responses. "It is also called the subcortex. It is the part of the brain which is responsible for the response to pain," explains Fabien Pagniez. The device developed by Mdoloris has benefited from the fruit of 23 years of research carried out by the Inserm laboratory of the Lille University Hospital. 

Thanks to their device, doctors and anesthetists can avoid underdosing or overdosing of drugs.

"For unconscious patients who are not able to provide feedback to the doctor on the pain their body is feeling, this technology allows continuous and non-invasive ways to quantify how much the body is suffering. Clinicians can then personalize the pain. amount of painkillers the patient needs. "


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Many applications

This expertise is proving crucial in the care of Covid patients facing severe infection. "They are connected to a machine that allows them to breathe. They are therefore unable to give feedback to the clinician on the intensity of the pain they are feeling. We know that if we give too much painkiller, there is a risk of respiratory depression and if not given enough, there is a risk of an inflammatory response. In both cases, the consequences are serious. "

According to Fabien Pagniez, this precision in the dosages also makes it possible to avoid many undesirable effects.

“The body responds to pain. This is called analgesia. When this pain is poorly managed, 60% of patients will wake up with pain, 30% with nausea and vomiting. When a patient is cancerous, the overdose of painkillers can cause a risk of metastases. Conversely, when not enough, the body protects itself and the patient becomes unstable, which must absolutely be avoided in the operating room or in intensive care".


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Technology suitable for children and animals

"We are also able to measure the patient's degree of exhaustion. The more the organism defends itself, the more it becomes exhausted, until it reaches an exhaustion threshold that calls its survival into question. And the Mdoloris technology is the only in the world has been able to measure this threshold and inform the medical profession of a serious risk, ”he adds.

The question of the expression of pain also arises in children.

They are sometimes unable to express their pain due to their age.

In 2013, Mdoloris developed a monitor dedicated exclusively to infants with technology used in operating theaters and neonatal intensive care units.

The company has also adapted monitors for cats, dogs and horses.

It is present in 80% of French hospitals and in 75 countries.