A former director of Nihon University was charged with the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's Office for the outflow of university funds over the procurement of expensive medical equipment at an affiliated hospital, along with the former president of a medical corporation in Osaka. ..

The total damage caused to the university by the former directors in a series of incidents amounts to more than 400 million yen.

Defendants Tadao Inokuchi (64), who was a director of Nihon University, and Masami Himoto (61), a former president of the major medical corporation "Kinshukai" headquartered in Osaka, were prosecuted.

Defendant Tetsuya Yoshida (50), the representative of a medical consulting company in Tokyo, was also indicted at home.

According to the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's Office, the former directors said that when they procured the diagnostic imaging equipment and electronic medical record system used at Nihon University Itabashi Hospital for more than 2.3 billion yen, they were about 2 on the side of former president Himoto. He has been accused of taking charge of his duties for leaking 100 million yen and damaging the university.

Former Director Inoguchi was in charge of selecting suppliers as an officer of the "Nihon University Division", a subsidiary of the university, and Representative Yoshida was involved in the equipment selection procedure together with the former director.

Former Director Inoguchi has been charged with former President Himoto for leaking about 200 million yen from the university in a transaction involving the rebuilding of the same hospital.

The total amount of damage allegedly inflicted on the university by the two people amounted to about 420 million yen, and according to the people concerned, the two people are sharing profits by effectively repatriating part of the outflowed funds. There is a suspicion.

According to the people concerned, in response to the investigation by the Special Investigation Department, former President Himoto admits the content of the indictment.

On the other hand, former director Inoguchi generally acknowledged the flow of funds and denied fraud, saying that "there was no damage to the university."

The involvement of President Tanaka

In this case, the Special Investigation Department searched for the home of President Hidetoshi Tanaka of Nihon University as a related party, and also listened to the situation from the president himself several times.

According to the people concerned, former President Himoto stated to the investigation by the Special Investigation Department that he had given Tanaka 60 million yen in cash several times as a celebration of the reappointment of the president. is.

Former Director Inoguchi also admitted that he had provided cash to President Tanaka along with former President Himoto. I think. "

On the other hand, former director Inoguchi stated that he did not explain the detailed flow of funds to the president.

In response to a voluntary investigation, President Tanaka denied that he had received the cash and explained that he was not involved in the case.

President Tanaka responded to NHK's interview in writing through a lawyer on the 15th, saying, "I regret that one of the directors was indicted and take the situation seriously as the president." "It seems that the investigation is continuing, so we will refrain from answering factual questions."