On weekends, sleep comfortably until you wake up naturally. At noon, you will come to the nature of the suburbs. There, high-value tents, camping equipment, food and drinks are ready, all you need to do is sit down and enjoy leisure Time, eat and drink with friends, after having a good chat, go home with a happy mood... Nowadays, exquisite camping has become a new hot spot for traveling around, and camping that does not stay overnight is even more popular.

In fact, whether it is overnight or not, comfort, relaxation, and leisure have become the key words of this exquisite camping experience and have won the love of many people.

  By Chen Weiwei, All Media Reporter, Guangzhou Daily

 But camping at night

  Subvert the traditional exquisite experience

  Recently, the “post-90s” Xiaohui fell in love with the activity of camping that never stayed overnight. Unlike everyone’s impression of carrying a big backpack and tent to go camping in the wild, the camping experience that Xiaohui experienced is obviously much more refined.

Not only is there a special organizer responsible for arranging the camping site, she does not need to worry about all the equipment and food, as long as she puts on her favorite clothes, puts on a beautiful makeup, and brings her beautiful mood to this camping appointment.

If necessary, the organizer will also arrange for a dedicated photographer to provide professional photography services.

"I have always wanted to experience a tent, but the experience of sleeping in a tent in the wild is obviously not suitable for me, and now this exquisite camping experience is just in line with my needs. It is not only able to contact nature, but not very hard, about two Three hundred yuan per time, a half-day trip on weekends, you have all the camping experience you should have."

  In other words, taking a vacation in the name of camping will be more in line with the spirit of exquisite camping-more refined than the traditional camping experience, and it has both fun, good-looking, good-looking and comfortable experience.

Ken, who has participated in the exquisite camping group building activities organized by the company, told reporters that now companies basically consider activities in the surrounding area. They have experienced mountain climbing, hiking, hot springs, and country tours. Not long ago, the department organized a He was pleasantly surprised by the small exquisite camping team building activity.

The department handed over the event to a company specializing in camping. A group of people drove to Conghua. After tasting local farm dishes at noon, they went to the designated place and saw that the tents and table food were ready. Some people organized various activities. Team building game.

In the evening, everyone was enjoying the food while enjoying the impromptu music performance. The colleagues were very interested and full of praise for such a relaxing camping experience.

  Although this kind of exquisite camping that does not spend the night has a wider range of groups because of its flexible time and no need to consider the comfort of accommodation, the exquisite camping that does not spend the night is still a favorite of deep camping enthusiasts.

Nowadays, as there are more and more campsites in the surrounding tourist destinations, it is becoming more and more popular to experience camping in camps with complete supporting facilities. In addition, the appearance of RVs, luxury villas and other room types in these camps makes this kind of The surrounding camping experience is more diverse.


  Why is exquisite camping so popular?

  Different from the camping in the traditional impression of everyone, the exquisite camping that has emerged since last year has appeared with many trends, and it has suddenly become a hot spot for tourism in the past two years. A large number of exquisite camping equipment brands, product suppliers, and service organizations have appeared. It came into being, constantly "copying" the new experience of exquisite camping for those who want to try new things.

  In fact, outdoor camping is no stranger to many people, but the exquisite camping started last year has played new tricks.

The concept of exquisite camping originated in Europe and America. The English name is Glamping, which is a combination of the words "Glamorous" and "Camping". The Chinese translation is exquisite camping, style camping, etc.

From Camping to Glamorous, its core is camping, but it emphasizes the display of its "charm" and removes the elements of adventure and outdoor hardship experience.

  The direct manifestation of the charm is the "high-value", beautiful white tents, retro chandeliers, high-quality outdoor tables and chairs, barbecue grills, coffee machines, and beautiful vases and decorations. Just take a good photo.

Nowadays, when you open the social network platform and type "exquisite camping", you can see the "models" uploaded by many netizens and bloggers, all of which are photogenic photos of Internet celebrities.

In addition, with people’s desire for high-quality leisure needs, the charm of exquisite camping is also reflected in "comfort". Don’t worry about difficult conditions. Both infrastructure and software are exquisite, even in tents. It can also be equipped with air conditioning, so you can comfortably sigh the air conditioning in the tent even in hotter weather.

  The year 2020 is called the "first year of camping" by many industry insiders. According to iiMedia Consulting's data, the size of China's camping camp market increased from 7.71 billion yuan to 29.90 billion yuan from 2014 to 2021, and the growth rate is expected to reach 18.6% in 2022. The market size is 35.46 billion yuan. In this regard, iiMedia Consulting analysts believe that the market size of camping camps is driven by the growth of the overall tourism market and consumers' demand for natural experiences, and is expected to continue to grow in the future.

Statistics show that the experience of exquisite camping in the entire camping market has continued to increase in the past year, and the number of experienced campers has reached 20% of the total number of campers.

  Who is playing exquisite camping?

  "Post-90s" and "Post-95s" are the main consumer groups

  “Young people, parent-child families, and company group building are the main groups to experience exquisite camping.” The person in charge of Milu Travel, whose screen name is "Uncle Labin", told reporters that the people who play exquisite camping nowadays are nothing more than these three types of people. The most prominent need in them is "social attributes."

The "post-90s" and "post-95s" are the main consumers of exquisite camping. The reason they like exquisite camping is that they can not only get close to nature and enjoy the body and mind, but also use it as a fresh social way to show their youth. The rich and colorful life of consumers.

  A "2021 Generation Z Camping Social White Paper" published by Taobao and Soul shows that young people who love camping socialization embodies some very personal characteristics. Camping socialization is one of their main demands. Get close to nature and communicate in a stress-free environment.

Compared with script kills that young people love, camping is not limited to game mechanics in terms of freedom of communication. Any topic can open hot chat, while script kills and escape rooms must focus on the game itself, so camping trips In the process, it is easier to establish high-quality social relationships.

In addition, this report also shows that 82% of "post-95" users who love camping chose at least one skill, including cooking, skateboarding, playing music, riding, fishing, etc., and multiple skills. The availability of this also means that the "post-95s" who love camping have more common topics, which is convenient for deepening their relationship with each other.

  Camping into a new outlet for travel around

  Give birth to new professions such as exquisite camp planners

  With the trend of surrounding tourism becoming the mainstream of travel, style camping has become a new way to play the trend of surrounding tourism.

Zhao Huanyan, chief knowledge officer and senior economist of Huamei Consulting Group, said that under the condition that the hotel business is affected in 2020, campground services will make a profit of 10 million yuan, which shows that this sub-industry has attracted market attention after the epidemic.

"This year, the development of self-driving tours and surrounding tours makes the development of camping at the right time." Zhao Huanyan believes that the quality of camping depends on the level of experience. This is the performance of the "experience economy". The experience economy is based on customer needs and experience. The relationship between services and products has been reversed. It is suggested that in the experience economy, the main research direction is not to provide products, but to provide a stage, so that the elements of experience are attached to products and services, and the experience is Memories are kept in the minds of consumers for a long time.

  In addition, the huge market demand has promoted the rapid development of this industry, and has also given birth to new professions such as exquisite camping suppliers and exquisite camping planners.

As early as 2013, "Uncle Labin" entered the camping field as a travel companion who loves outdoor camping. However, since last year, he had a premonition of the upcoming trend of exquisite camping. He led the team to launch exquisite camping such as overnight stays and overnight stays in the province. service items.

"Exquisite camping has a lot of surrounding gameplays that can be expanded. For example, combining outdoor resources, you can play kayaking, skateboarding, rock climbing, hiking, mountain climbing, and develop research courses for parent-child travel. All of these can be carried out, but they can be really done. It’s innovation, such as integrating culture into the experience of exquisite camping.” He gave an example, such as the introduction of Cantonese teahouse camping experience in Lingnan-style scenic spots, and placing a steamer of Cantonese refreshments on the teahouse’s trolley. Exquisite camping guests provide special food experience, as well as setting up bookshelves during camping, creating reading corners, etc., and activities are also very important. For example, music parties and other forms that young people love can be introduced into the experience.