"I was once" killed "" Uighur female testimony November 16 12:56

"I was" killed "once, so I'm not afraid of retaliation,"

says a Uighur woman.

She is said to have been detained twice in a facility in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, China, about three years ago.

He was detained and tortured for no apparent reason, and was threatened by Chinese authorities not to talk about the facility when he was released.

Relatives still remain in the autonomous region, and if they talk about the facility, they may be retaliated by the authorities.

Still, she says:

"I will never be silent"

(Washington bureau reporter Kosuke Watanabe)

Severe torture

"It was too harsh torture. I even asked him to kill me at once," said

Tursnai Jyaudun, 43, a Uighur woman, about the torture she received in a detention facility in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, China. I said this.

He was detained twice and released three years ago, but the emotional shock of torture caused him to have nightmares for a while, and he suddenly screamed and woke up.

It is said that he cannot fall asleep even at night and cannot part with the medicine.

Jaudun, who lives in the United States seeking asylum for being politically persecuted in China.

So far, I have been interviewed by the media in the United Kingdom and the United States and testified with my real name.

When I contacted him to tell me the story of that time, he invited me to the apartment.

Then, after exhaling deeply, I started talking slowly.

Suddenly housed "school"

Jiaudung was born in a small village in the northern part of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

Surrounded by mountains and rich in nature with rivers, I lived a quiet and peaceful life with my siblings when I was young.

After that, he got married at the age of 30 and moved to neighboring Kazakhstan, where he worked as a nurse at a clinic run by a doctor's husband and found it worthwhile.

Such a happy life lasted for nearly 10 years.

However, four years ago, Jyaudun, who had no citizenship in Kazakhstan, returned to his hometown of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region to renew his passport.

As I was walking down the street, I was suddenly detained by police officers and taken to a facility they called a "school."

"What were you doing in Kazakhstan? What did you have to do with the United States?"

Police officers explained that they had been detained because they lived in Kazakhstan and tried to ask "what they were doing". I'm called Kita.

Mr. Jiaodung replied many times, "I just lived with my husband," but he didn't listen.

"No reason" interrogation

Jyaudun was released about a month after he got sick, but a year later, he was detained again for no reason.

I was taken to the same "school" as last time.

However, the "school" was transformed into a facility surrounded by a wall about 3 meters high, which was lined with barbed wire.

It wasn't just the exterior of the building that changed.

In the second detention, he was interrogated by police officers about once a week.

"Confess your sins," said a police officer, who said he had shown a list of over 70 sins in front of him, picked one, signed it, and urged him to "confess."

Jaudun, who is unaware of any of the crimes, refused to do so.

In addition, police officers asked "what were you doing in Kazakhstan" and "who you were in contact with" every time you interrogated, but "doing nothing" and "contacting anyone". "I haven't," Jiaudun replied.

However, torture was waiting for him every time he refused to "confess" and "cannot answer" the question.

Endless torture

With both arms and legs tied up, he is interrogated for a long time in an unnatural posture.

You can be beaten and kicked.

An electric current is passed through the body.

I can't give food for more than 2 days.

It is said that he continued to be tortured for about 10 months when he was detained.

Above all, I lost consciousness many times in the torture in which an electric current was passed.

"I want you to kill me at once, what did I do?"

Jaudun once caught a police officer while complaining about the pain.

However, another police officer rushed in and was beaten in the head and belly, and could not move.

In the interrogation, Mr. Jaudun said that he continued to be exposed to words that denied her personality and the existence of her family.

As I listened to those words day after day, the police officers and facility staff in front of me seemed to be "ordinary human beings," and I felt nothing no matter what I said. ..

"Clinic" suddenly taken

"Take all the females to the clinic" At

one point, all the females detained at the facility were gathered and the staff were heard receiving these instructions.

And there was a long line in front of the clinic.

It was Jiaudung's turn, and when he was laid down on the bed, he heard the staff of the facility discussing it.

"The bleeding is so bad that my husband is in Kazakhstan, so it doesn't make sense to have a sterilization operation." He

was tortured that day and was talking about Mr. Jiaodung, who was bleeding from the wound.

From that content, I understood that compulsory sterilization is being performed at the clinic.

Mr. Jaudun continued to be tortured after that.

At one point, two police officers said she thought she was faint.

"She may die."

"It's okay, let me die. I can't give birth or kill my child. That's the command from above."

Never close your mouth

Approximately 10 months after being detained in the facility for the second time.

In December 2018, Mr. Jaudun was able to leave the facility because her husband in Kazakhstan was working to seek liberation.

After that, I was able to leave China and meet my husband again in Kazakhstan.

On the other hand, when leaving Kazakhstan, Chinese authorities threatened to "don't talk about anything you experienced in the facility. If you talk, your family will pay the price."

Still, I was interviewed by the media in Kazakhstan to clarify the reality of the facility, but my home was set on fire by someone.

It is said that my sister, who lives in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, strongly asked me not to say anything.

However, even after that, in the United States seeking asylum, Mr. Jaudun continues to urge the international community to increase pressure on China, along with Uighur human rights groups.

Even now, many Uighurs are housed in the facility or unable to move freely, including Jyaudun's relatives.

The relative woman, who was detained in the facility for two years and was released, did not have her passport renewed and said she had not met three children aged 8 to 14 in Kazakhstan and elsewhere for six years. increase.

To resolve this situation, he said he would continue to speak out without fear of retaliation from the Chinese authorities.


"not at all afraid of the Chinese government. I once, in the facility," killed "for because it"

"to me, and had six brothers, you still in China Every time I think about them, I feel like I'm going to tear up. But what's happening now is something that can happen to others in the future. I have to stop this.

" Can only tell what is happening in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. I believe that the international community will reach out. "

Listen to the voices of each party

In response to Mr. Jiaudung's testimony, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs denounced it head-on and accused it by name, saying, "It is a tool and an actor that some forces are using to slander China."

On the other hand, Uighurs who testify like her are endless all over the world.

In the international community, the United States and the EU = European Union are sanctioning the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region for continuing serious human rights violations.

The Chinese government has rebelled against this, and fierce conflict continues.

What is really happening in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region?

I would like to listen to the voices of each of the parties who have begun to raise their voices and continue to conduct interviews.

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reporter at the Washington Bureau,

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