Actor Kim Bu-seon fired lawyer Kang Yong-seok, who served as a defense attorney in a lawsuit for damages filed against Lee Jae-myung, the Democratic Party's presidential candidate.

On the 14th, through his SNS, Kim Bu-seon said, "I just notified lawyer Kang Yong-seok of his dismissal."

He added, "I will repay everyone's encouragement and support even through a lawsuit alone. I'm sorry once again."

In the previous post, he called lawyer Kang Yong-seok a 'scammer' and demanded an apology.

Kim Bu-seon said, "Since the establishment of the government, Seoul National University law school graduates are ruining this country. Kang Yong-seok's homeland is even worse. I hate Kang Yong-seok more than Lee Jae-myung. I apologize publicly. The sooner the better."

Kim Bu-seon shared the video, saying, "My lawyer, my litigation agent, has disclosed and leaked all of the client's private life. What do other people think?"

The video was part of the broadcast on the 10th of the YouTube channel 'Garo Sero Research Institute' (Ka Se-yeon) operated by lawyer Kang.

In the live broadcast of 'Ga Se-yeon' that was conducted on the same day, lawyer Kang mentioned the physical characteristics of Lee who Kim claimed in the past.

He continued, "Kim drew a picture (related to Lee's body characteristics) at the time of the prosecution's investigation. When I read the report, I think that Kim cannot lie.

In the process, lawyer Kang laughed and even talked about Kim's personal details.

In a comment, Kim criticized Kang as a 'bad lawyer' and claimed that "the victim was harmed a second time."

Kim Bu-seon claims to have been in a romantic relationship with Lee for about a year since 2007.

Candidate Lee Jae-myung denied Kim's allegations and used an expression to the effect of nonsense and habitual drug use.

In September 2018, Kim Bu-seon filed a claim for damages worth 300 million won, claiming that candidate Lee Jae-myung caused psychological and economic damage by driving him to be a patient with nonsense.

The 16th Civil Agreement of the Seoul Eastern District Court (Presiding Judge Woo Gwan-je) was scheduled to hold the 4th hearing date for the claim for damages on the 10th, but it was postponed to January next year by accepting the application for a change of date submitted by the lawyer for Lee.

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kim Ji-hye)