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Question: In such "well-intentioned" Please be careful!

——Be wary of the new "village push" scam of medical insurance e-vouchers

  Xinhua News Agency reporters Qin Xingxing and Lei Jiaxing

  On November 1, the "Personal Information Protection Law of the People's Republic of China" was formally implemented, and the degree of legalization of personal information protection in my country reached a new level.

  A reporter from Xinhua News Agency found that in many remote rural areas, criminals defrauded villagers’ important personal information for profit in the name of "promoting medical insurance electronic vouchers," which requires vigilance.

Be wary of the new "village push" scam of medical insurance e-vouchers

  The medical insurance electronic certificate is issued by a unified national medical insurance information platform, and is the identity of the insured masses and related institutions.

According to the person in charge of the relevant work of the National Medical Insurance Bureau, through the medical insurance electronic voucher, the insured people can complete related medical services such as registration, medical insurance settlement, inspection and medicine collection without the need to carry physical cards, effectively improving the people’s medical and drug purchase experience .

my country's 31 provinces and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps have all supported the use of medical insurance electronic vouchers.

  According to the "Fourteenth Five-Year Plan for National Medical Insurance" issued by the State Council, my country will speed up the construction of intelligent medical insurance public service platforms such as medical insurance electronic vouchers, and the National Medical Insurance Bureau will continue to promote the application of medical insurance electronic vouchers.

  The reporter learned that in order to facilitate the registration, activation, and use of medical insurance electronic vouchers for rural residents, especially rural residents in remote areas, some third-party channel platforms that have obtained the authorization of medical insurance electronic vouchers will hire service teams to sink to rural areas. The "village push" form helps local people activate their medical insurance electronic vouchers.

  The reporter learned from the Cybersecurity Detachment of the Public Security Bureau of Guigang City, Guangxi that not long ago, the local police successfully smashed an unlawful group that illegally obtained important personal information of villagers in the name of "village push" medical insurance electronic vouchers.

In three months, the gang used the mobile phone numbers and related personal information of 18,800 people to register more than 100,000 various online accounts, selling them for profit.

In addition, they sold tens of thousands of personal information about citizens.

  Cai Hua, instructor of the Fourth Brigade of the Criminal Investigation Division of the Guigang Public Security Bureau, told reporters that such illegal "village push" activities have become an important source of "black accounts" in illegal activities such as online fraud and gambling. They are not only suspected of serious crimes, but also lead to personal information. The deceived villagers "sincere from the sky."

Why is it difficult to fight: the demand is real, the acting skills are good, and the benefits are big

  The reporter's investigation found that criminals often choose remote rural areas to start. The gangs are clearly hierarchical, have a clear division of labor, and have the characteristics of strong concealment and deception, which increase the difficulty of combating.

  ——Illegal "village promotion" aims at real needs and enhances deceptiveness.

As of July this year, the number of omni-channel activated users of my country's medical insurance electronic certificates has exceeded 720 million.

However, in rural areas, especially in remote areas, the number of registered and activated medical insurance electronic vouchers is still relatively small compared with that in cities. Due to specific conditions, the majority of villagers, especially middle-aged and elderly villagers, promote the "face-to-face" and "entry into the village" There is an urgent need to guide the use of medical insurance electronic vouchers.

  -Under the guise of "policy promotion", lawbreakers forged identities and deceived village officials and villagers.

"They will wear fake formal team uniforms, bring fake work certificates, fake medical insurance bureau documents, and use the official slogan of the medical insurance bureau." Zhang Weimei, deputy captain of the cybersecurity detachment of the Guigang Public Security Bureau, told reporters that illegal "village push" personnel Most of the offices are located in the office building of the village committee, and some village officials who don't know the truth will also eagerly help introduce and organize people, making it difficult to distinguish the authenticity of the villagers.

  The police handling the case stated that, in order to increase the deceptive nature, such illegal groups have specific "talking" templates for their members' speech and behavior.

  ——The gang is highly mobile and the method of committing crimes can be simply copied.

The reporter learned that illegal "village pushes" are usually promoted at the county and city level, with criminals stationed in the villages.

They "fire a shot and change a place," and they will commit crimes. After they succeed, they will immediately destroy relevant evidence and move elsewhere to continue committing the crime.

In addition, the illegal "village push" modus operandi is simple, and the personnel can "get started" immediately after a little training.

  ——There is a complete "black production chain" behind the illegal "village push", and the temptation of benefits is huge.

"The gang we got rid of was able to defraud about 200 villagers' mobile phone numbers and other important personal information every day through illegal'village pushes'." Zhang Yimai told reporters that the gang’s last illegal "number merchants" were distributed in Guangdong, In Fujian, Anhui, Sichuan and other places, they paid high prices to purchase personal information and "black accounts" illegally obtained by lawbreakers everywhere, and then used them for illegal activities such as online fraud and gambling, forming an obvious chain of black production.

  The police also reminded that most of the mobile phone numbers of middle-aged and elderly people in rural areas have not registered online accounts, and that they lack understanding of smart phones and are poorly vigilant, making them ideal "prey" for criminals.

Strengthen the strength and depth of the "police, enterprise, and medical" joint attack

  The website of the Ministry of Public Security recently released news that the national public security organs’ network security departments have jointly launched the "Net Network 2021" special operation to severely crack down on the illegal collection of personal information such as mobile phone numbers of rural middle-aged and elderly people under the guise of "promoting medical insurance electronic vouchers." The illegal “local push” gangs that registered and sold online accounts have so far solved 90 related cases, eliminated more than 60 gangs, arrested more than 550 criminal suspects, and seized more than 600,000 pieces of illegally obtained citizens’ personal information. No. 40,000.

  Experts suggest that relevant departments take multiple measures to establish and improve the linkage mechanism of crackdown and rectification to protect the information security of the masses.

  ——Improve the public's awareness of prevention and enhance intelligent services for "suitable for the elderly".

At present, publicity and prevention of telecommunications network fraud and crimes in the field of citizen information is an important part of the construction of a safe village.

The police reminded that the general public should be more vigilant and self-conscious in maintaining the security of personal information, do not give mobile phones and other items to strangers to operate alone, and do not scan QR codes of unknown origin to avoid giving criminals a chance.

  Yao Hua, a researcher at the Guangxi Academy of Social Sciences, said that in similar cases, most of the victims are rural elderly. The relevant departments should pay special attention to improving the level of intelligent services and improving the experience of medical services, while protecting the elderly, especially the elderly in underdeveloped rural areas. People equally enjoy the right to technological dividends.

  ——Increase the promotion and activation of medical insurance electronic vouchers through formal channels.

Lu Yu, director of the Office of the Guigang Medical Insurance Bureau, suggested that on the one hand, the promotion of the activation and application of medical insurance electronic vouchers in designated pharmacies and designated hospitals should be increased; Relevant policies and information will strengthen the screening of “village push” teams to avoid the risk of villagers being deceived.

  ——Improve the linkage mechanism of "police, enterprise, and medical".

Cai Hua suggested that regulators should strictly review the operation and promotion activities of third-party platform channels in the region, and relevant agencies should freeze or cancel maliciously registered virtual accounts.

  Yang Zhihe, an associate professor at the School of Information Management of Heilongjiang University, suggested that a normalized linkage and notification mechanism should be established as soon as possible.

The police, medical insurance departments, and technology companies should strengthen communication, and form a joint force when checking illegally registered accounts and finding out criminal-related information, so as to promptly stop behaviors that infringe on the information security of the masses.