The reviews of the first episode of the

Zwarte Pietenjournaal

of aspiring broadcaster Ongehoord Nederland are very negative.

A number of major media devoted a review to the 'news' in which ON leader Arnold Karskens dances with Zwarte Piet in the Media Park.

The ON news is presented by Arlette Adriani, known from Astro TV.

"It is true that they were shown the sooty Piets they wanted, but there was no question of a cozy Sinterklaas atmosphere or the singing of traditional songs," writes

De Telegraaf

. "Instead, they were treated to broadcaster Arnold Karskens, who begged for airtime through a clumsy rap with two people."

The newspaper calls the news "unheard of embarrassment" and "painfully amateurish" and notes that "the holy man from ON does not even speak Dutch well".

According to the reviewer of

De Telegraaf,

the makers never

had the intention of making a fun, atmospheric and creative children's program that brings joy to young and old. This news lacks humor, warmth and genuine interest in the viewers.

A gripping inanimate program

De Volkskrant

states that



Zwarte Pietenjournaal was

made "especially for lovers of racist caricatures and for anyone who wants to make sure that ON's evil, terrifying presence is still accompanied by a reassuring degree of muddle-headedness and incompetence".

Reviewer Frank Heinen speaks of "a gripping, inanimate program, to which no strings can be attached to both children and adults".

"The madness reached an unprecedented peak on Saturday during a fever-dream-like video clip in which Karskens was on a scooter".

Negotiations with NPO difficult


TPO Online

notes in an article that "Unheard Netherlands demolishes itself with the nightmare

Zwarte Piet News

: maybe some things better unheard and remain mostly unseen."

ON could not be reached on Sunday afternoon for a comment on the reviews.

It is also not known how often the

Zwarte Pieten news

has already been viewed.

The broadcaster reported earlier this week that negotiations with the NPO about programs and broadcasting time are going very difficult.


Zwarte Pietenjournaal

can be seen on YouTube for four Saturdays since November 13.

ON will not be able to make and broadcast programs on the public broadcaster until January 2022 at the earliest.