Well-known Dutch people try

to survive as long as possible on an uninhabited island


Expedition Robinson


NU.nl speaks with the dropout every week.

This week: Sylvana IJsselmuiden.

Never before has an island council been so exciting as Thursday evening.

A total of fourteen votes were cast, while the camp consists of only eight people.

There is a lot of fighting for a place in the final, which now seems very far away.

In hopes of blessing, Sylvana IJsselmuiden, who already smells danger, throws all her votes into the pot.

She votes five times for farmer Annemiek Koekoek, who has been trying to work out IJsselmuiden from the start, but to no avail: in total she gets nine votes against.

You are voted out, what is going through your mind at that moment?

"I especially thought it was a shame, especially because I still felt very fit. I saw more and more faces start to droop, people were exhausted, but I wasn't. I even gave my food to Rob Geus because I saw that it was "It really didn't go well with him. I could go on for a while so and I also had a little hope that there was still an island. Too bad it wasn't the case."

It was a very exciting island council.

Fourteen votes, five yours.

Why did you use them all?

"I go by my gut feeling and it wasn't right. I wasn't very good in the group: apart from Sandra (Ysbrandy, ed.) and me, they'd been together for a long time and knew each other, then you're with one- zero behind. I felt it coming a bit and started asking around. Jayjay (Boske, ed.) then lied to me: he had said in advance that he would not vote for me, but he did it anyway."

"I did not expect that a total of nine votes (six votes from everyone who was allowed to vote, plus three extra ones used by Geus, Koekoek and Sterrin Smalbrugge, ed.) against me. Apparently they saw me as a competitor. I sat there and thought: I'm not that strong, am I? Why all those votes for me?"

What happened between you and Annemieke?

"I have no idea what went wrong between me and Annemieke. The glass is always half full with me, with her half empty, maybe that's it. I don't mind if people are very different from me, but apparently she couldn't let that go. I was shocked to see it again, but I noticed it on the island too. Defano Holwijn and Jasper Demollin sometimes came to tell me that Annemieke wanted to vote for me and understood not even where it came from.

At least I know I'm not lazy, as she said.

I don't identify with that at all.

Maybe she saw me as a blond doll from day one, I don't know.

It's just a game too.

I'm sure that if I see her again we'll just have another glass of wine, mine will be a bit fuller than half empty, haha.

But no, I don't feel the need to talk it out now, it's okay."

What was it like coming home again?

"I first spent a while in Croatia with Defano and Loek Peters and enjoyed an evening full of wine, beer and in Loek's case whiskey. I sent a message to Sandra's sons and Yuki Kempees' girlfriend about how well they I did. Later I heard from them that they really liked that."

"At home I have often thought: what if? What if I had taken that bandana, I would have been in a different camp and I would have come a lot further. And I noticed both physically and mentally that it dragged on for a while. I didn't have enough strength for just a five minute bike ride and my hair was thinning."

What would you have liked to have done differently afterwards?

"I've had a lot of bad luck on this island, but I don't want to say that I should have fought harder for that bandana. I gave everything I could then. I know I've done enough, even in camp. I'm just very proud."

Who comes across the strongest?

"Jan van Halst and Sandra. Both very strong people and with an enormous gun factor. I'm glad I got to know them."