[Explanation] Due to the need for the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, on November 2nd, the Shuian Huijing community and surrounding areas in Jinniu District, Chengdu, Sichuan implemented closed management, and 25 civilian auxiliary police living in this area were isolated and controlled.

The Party Committee of the Jinniu District Bureau of the Chengdu Public Security Bureau took these 25 civilian auxiliary police as the main force and immediately set up a temporary party group for the closed management community.

Relying on the residents' natural trust in the identity of the police, these 25 civilian auxiliary policemen have become community "nanny corps", working with community volunteers to carry out epidemic prevention and control propaganda, coordinating and solving difficulties in life, and guiding physical and mental health. The familiar "police blue" has become This is everyone’s "reassurance."

  [Explanation] Right now during the "Double Eleven" period, sorting express delivery at the gate of the community has become the busiest job of the police Wenxin during the quarantine period.

In addition, Wenxin is also the "exclusive" food delivery person for a 90-year-old couple in the community.

  [Concurrent] Wenxin, a policeman from Jinniu District, Chengdu Public Security Bureau

  What I do every day is in the morning in the community owners group, to convey (produce) the anti-fraud knowledge of the sub-bureau, and send some caring words to the group, and then go to the gate of the community to see what the masses have and help them receive the courier. , Do some work to maintain order on the scene.

When we learned that there was an elderly family in the community because the children were absent for a long time, and the hourly workers couldn’t get in. Meals are now the biggest problem. The community delivers meals to the two elderly people every day, and then hands them to me. Bring them home.

As a people's policeman, my usual job is to handle cases. As a community volunteer, I have experienced the work of (delivering) express delivery. It is not easy.

  [Explanation] Delivering meals, medicines, transporting supplies... The 25 auxiliary civilian police living in the quarantine area demonstrated their physical stamina and "errands" at the grassroots level.

Policeman Yang Xi even became a temporary "hamster manager" for the neighbor's house.

  [Concurrent] Policeman Yang Xi, Jinniu District, Chengdu Public Security Bureau

  We have a neighbor here who did not return home because of the epidemic, so she sent me a WeChat message asking if I could help her feed her hamster.

Her door lock is a combination lock, she also told me the password, and I went to her house for a feeding.

I think through this incident, we can also see that our people trust our people's police very much, and I also feel very happy in my heart that I can do some small things to help the people.

  [Explanation] In addition to the work of community volunteers, the 25 civilian auxiliary police have not forgotten their own duties. They are also conducting online anti-fraud propaganda, public opinion gathering and safety precaution knowledge.

  [Concurrent] Policeman Yang Xi, Jinniu District, Chengdu Public Security Bureau

  As our civilian police, in addition to doing some things offline to help the masses in the closed area, we will also conduct some anti-fraud propaganda online and in the WeChat group.

Because I am a police officer in the case team, I am engaged in criminal investigation and public security work. I have relatively more knowledge of telecommunications fraud. I hope to post some anti-fraud knowledge in the WeChat group during the epidemic. Then I went to warn our neighbors to try not to be deceived during their stay at home.

  [Explanation] The various work done by this "nanny group" composed of 25 civilian auxiliary police also gave residents in the isolation area a sense of security and support.

  [Concurrent] Zeng Shengguang, a resident of the closed zone in Jinniu District, Chengdu

  After the outbreak, the police officers from the camp gate police station in our community immediately set up a (temporary) party group.

They actively cooperate with the work of community prevention and control personnel and volunteers, and do a good job of guiding the prevention and control of residents in the community. They promote positive energy and provide convenience for the masses, playing a "main backbone" role.

  [Concurrent] Tang Fuming, a resident of Jinniu District, Chengdu

  After passing this epidemic, I really felt the strength and weight of the police among the people, and thanked these policemen for their efforts and contributions to the safety and protection of our community.

With the presence of the police, the people's health is assured.

  Chen Xuanbin reports from Chengdu

Editor in charge: [Lu Yan]