Menna Arafa and Mahmoud Al-Mahdi... Separation and return within 48 hours

The divorce incident of the artist Menna Arafa and the artist Mahmoud Al-Mahdi, then announcing the return of things to their normal course, after 48 hours, sparked social media platforms, and turned to the first topic in "Social Media".

 The story, according to "Al-Watan", began with a sudden announcement by the artist Mahmoud Al-Mahdi, his separation from his wife, Menna Arafa;

And he wrote on "Instagram": "The separation has taken place...everything is divided and shared, and may God help her in the life she chose."

Both of them canceled their follow-up to the other.

Mahmoud Al-Mahdi added: “People who call and ask, the salvation of every need is divided and shared, and I, as an eastern man from Upper Egypt, have needs that will not benefit me, and will stop her from her job, her dream and her friends in the artistic community, so I certainly will not stop in this, and may God honor her in the artistic field, and reach higher He needs good luck for everyone.”

Two days after their separation, Menna Arafa surprised her followers by announcing her return to her husband, Mahmoud al-Mahdi again, saying: “One of the most difficult moments that can attack any girl is the moment of separation, and the ruin of the house. Divorce shakes the throne of the Most Merciful, but you can hear about Houses are being destroyed every minute, so it remains the most hated of the lawful in the sight of God for them to be a joke or something you should laugh at.”

And she added: “A bet that you will make together that we will not complete or raw material to gloat in us. The destruction of the house was not an easy need for the six, the man, or our parents, in the height of my weakness, my sadness, and my brokenness, which our Lord does not write on any six. I envy him and two tattoos on us.”

And Menna Arafa continued: "You are people who do not know our Lord, and there is no mercy in your hearts. I wish good for each other, you group, I do not rejoice in some, but this is my fault that I shared my personal life with you. People make mistakes to learn, and I have learned, and may God help you in this hell." .

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