【Explanation】Telecom network fraud crimes seriously infringe on people’s property safety. In recent years, the public security organs of Fujian Province have carried out overall research and judgment through big data, organized case-solving battles and cluster battles, and penetrated the entire chain of crimes involving fraud and upstream and downstream industry chains.

The reporter learned from the Fujian Provincial Public Security Department that from January to October this year, Fujian’s efforts to crack down on telecommunications network fraud showed a good trend of “one drop and two rises”, with the number of crimes falling, the number of crimes solved, and the number of arrests rising.

  [Simultaneous on-site]

  We just called to remind you that there are more methods of online fraud recently. You must be vigilant, protect your personal information, and protect your pocketbook.

  [Explanation] Zhang Yanling is an auxiliary police officer of the Fuzhou Anti-fraud Center. On average, she makes more than 100 phone calls every day to remind the public to take precautions.

  [Concurrent] Zhang Yanling, Assistant Police Officer, Fuzhou Anti-fraud Center

  It is to remind them to give an early warning, and then tell them to guard against being fooled, to protect their money bags and the like.

  [Concurrent] Rao Luming, police officer of Fuzhou Anti-fraud Center

  During our work, we found that some people may or are being deceived. We remind them not to be deceived by means of SMS call and meeting early warning according to their different levels of being deceived.

That is, if the masses have received some suspicious calls or text messages, if they have any questions, they can dial 96110 for consultation and some to report.

  [Explanation] In the face of various telecommunications network frauds, how can everyone effectively prevent being deceived?

The police introduced that there are dozens of types of fraudulent methods that are more typical.

  [Concurrent] Rao Luming, police officer of Fuzhou Anti-fraud Center

  There are many types of fake online loan scams. If you have a shortage of funds, you will borrow from some platforms, and then you will mistakenly catch some scammers, log on to some fake and fake phishing websites, and make online loans, resulting in the loss of your own assets. .

We are reminding here that you should never click on the links in the text messages, you need to upgrade or how we can upgrade through the official platform of the official channel.

  [Concurrent] Huang Xiaohu, Deputy Captain of the Fourth Detachment of the Criminal Investigation Corps of the Fujian Provincial Public Security Department

  At present, we recommend that a more effective method is to install the APP of the National Anti-fraud Center. This is an application with a national brand name. It has 4 main functions, one is for clue reporting, and the second is in case of being deceived. Yes, you can quickly report crimes through it. Thirdly, we will provide early warning of incoming calls and text messages. Fourthly, we will detect the use environment of mobile phones, so this is currently a more effective anti-fraud method.

  [Explanation] The police reminded that people should not be taken lightly in their daily lives. They should be alert to scams such as online loans, part-time jobs, and "killing pigs", and take care of their phone cards and bank cards. Do not become accomplices of fraudsters, and do not Believe the lies of "high-paying recruitment" overseas, especially overseas.

  [Explanation] The reporter learned that Fujian Province has intercepted 69.13 million fraudulent calls this year, stopped paying 3.05 billion yuan of defrauded funds, accurately discouraged 1.216 million potential fraud victims, and prevented the masses from losing about 10.34 billion yuan in economic losses.

  Reporter Wu Shengwei reports from Fuzhou, Fujian

Editor in charge: [Lu Yan]