[Explanation] On November 10, in Xinjiang Hutubi Light Textile Industrial Park, the "Ding Dong" of online orders kept humming, and more than a dozen customer service staff interacted with customers through the Internet and keyboards.

On the occasion of the "Double Eleven" shopping festival, Xinjiang cotton enterprises are full of high-quality cotton products.

  [Live sound] If you need a thick quilt at home, you can come to our live broadcast room to have a look...

  [Commentary] The anchor Zhai Yiqiang is introducing his products to fans through the live broadcast platform.

Zhai Yiqiang is even more strenuous in preparing for double "Eleventh".

  Customer Service Supervisor Wang Yiping told reporters that in the face of the new environment of the development of the e-commerce industry, in addition to offline sales, they implemented a new model of "Internet celebrity live broadcast", optimized platform construction, integrated resources, and digging into consumer preferences.

  [Concurrent] Wang Yiping, Customer Service Supervisor, Xinjiang Jinjiang Cotton Industry Co., Ltd.

  The number of people in the live broadcast room has exceeded 100,000, and the daily order volume has exceeded 3,000 orders.

  [Explanation] Hutubi County, as a national modern agricultural demonstration zone and a national high-quality cotton production base, is favored by products produced and processed with high-quality cotton as raw materials.

  The reporter saw in the production plant of Jinjiang Cotton Industry Co., Ltd. that one side is a fully automatic machine efficient assembly line processing quilts, on the other hand workers use traditional craftsmanship to make mille-layer combed cotton by hand. All three production lines are rushing to make orders. .

  [Concurrent] Li Longfei, Production Plant Director of Xinjiang Jinjiang Cotton Industry Co., Ltd.

  The assembly line behind me is dedicated to mass production, and the other line is dedicated to our online store. Usually online store promotion or customers place orders by themselves. At present, the daily production volume reaches more than 6,000 or more than 7,000. Bed quilt.

  [Explanation] In the face of increasing orders, the company has increased its strength to prepare people for stocking, and various areas in the warehouse have been further optimized and adjusted. On the same day, the customer service extended the online time.

  Since the establishment of the company, it has undergone several expansions. In 2019, it introduced large-scale automated flocking fiber product line, baler, and domestic advanced packaging and cutting machine equipment, mainly producing and processing net quilts, netless quilts, handmade quilts, and bags. Side quilts, quilted quilts, floral pillows, quilt covers, etc., have annual sales of nearly 12 million yuan.

  [Concurrent] Zheng Lijun, General Manager of Xinjiang Jinjiang Cotton Industry Co., Ltd.

  Now we can guarantee that the goods we bought will be sent out within 48 hours, and we also hope that this year's Double Eleven will have a good effect.

  Zhao Yamin and Li Cunling report from Hutubi County, Xinjiang

Editor in charge: [Wang Yu]