The Eternals may just be the start of a whole new saga for Marvel.

In any case, this is what the two authors of Chloe Zhao's film, cousins ​​Ryan and Kaz Firpo, want.

In an interview with

The Hollywood Reporter

, the two writers opened up about their plans now that the film has been released.

And they don't plan to give up their characters just yet!

“There should be an Eternals prequel series on Disney +.

We would like to go back and do an episode of Kingo (played by Kumail Nanjiani in the film) in 1890s Mumbai, where he juggles his life as a movie star and the dissolution of the British Empire by Gandhi in India.

And there's an episode with Thena (Angelina Jolie's character) in which she's in Greece.

I would love to do this series.

There are a lot of opportunities.

", Says Kaz Firpo, before continuing:" If the audience allows us, there will be a story to tell with Dane Whitman.

There will be a story to be told in Cosmos, with the Eternals facing Arishem and all of the Celestials who are these incredible metaphors of creation.

I think there are a lot of stories in the




Not at the level?

The two writers are also very enthusiastic at the idea of ​​being able to develop this new type of project via the Disney streaming service. “It's an exciting time to be an author. With Disney +, with movies, there are so many possibilities to tell these stories and so many different formats. It's a really exciting time to explore new frontiers in storytelling, ”adds Ryan Firpo.

It remains to be seen whether Disney and Marvel Studios will want to bet again on the adaptation of Jack Kirby's comics.

Chloe Zhao's film had a score that would have been satisfactory for many other films, with $ 71 million in box office receipts, but which "disappoints", according to


, when compared to other films in the film. MCU.

While the director is still crowned with her Oscar victory, critics have not been particularly kind with her new film, the first of the MCU not to be "Certified Fresh" by the site Rotten Tomatoes.


The four actresses of "The Eternals" are in contact with Covid-19

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