The sister of the "Ismailia serial killer" denies her brother's allegations against the victim

Ahmed Thabet, the lawyer for the victim in the incident, which was known in the media as the “Ismailia serial killer”, revealed the details of the statements of the names of the accused’s sister before the prosecution, noting that she denied the accusations made by her brother about the victim raping her and her mother, and confirmed that they are baseless and not true. proof of reality.

The lawyer revealed to Al-Watan newspaper that the accused's sister said that he was a drug user, and confirmed that she had no relationship with the victim, and that what was provoked by her brother during the commission of the crime was all a lie.

The killer's sister explained that in the recent period, the accused's behavior had changed as a result of his use of narcotics, and that he was being treated for addiction and was released from the clinic, and the mental health report said that the accused had sound and correct mental powers.

The Public Prosecution issued a statement referring the accused to the competent criminal court for an urgent criminal trial.

The statement added that the Public Prosecution established evidence of the accused from the testimony of the two victims, the injured and ten other witnesses, and clips filming the crime, as well as the accused's detailed confession of committing the crimes attributed to him.

The forensic report proved that the killer was free of any symptoms indicative of his psychological or mental disorder, which he may lose or lack of awareness, choice, integrity of will, discrimination, and knowledge of right and wrong, whether at the present time or at the time of the incident in question, which makes him responsible for the accusations against him. .

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