He says he is "victim of an attack by members of the L214 association".

Daniel Sauvaget, the boss of the frozen food company Ecomiam, protests in a video posted Monday on social networks against the practices of the animalist association, reports France 3 Bretagne.

"By email, incessant phone calls, messages published on social networks", it accuses the suppliers of the company based in Quimper (Finistère) of not respecting their "commitments with regard to animal welfare".

Daniel Sauvaget thus indicates to have received more than 350 emails from members of L214 in a single morning.

My response to the L214 association's attack on ecomiam this morning https://t.co/RsIFytkJ7j #originFrance #surgeles #mangerfrancais

- Sauvaget Daniel (@dsauvaget) November 8, 2021

Unjustified pressure according to the company manager for whom “Ecomiam's fight is quite different.

We have been fighting from the start to ensure that farmers' remuneration is respected.

This is why we display our margin in stores, the prices charged for the purchase ”before adding:“ Our action has a much stronger ethical dimension than allegations on sites ”.

Intensive breeding singled out by L214

The L214 association, known for its shocking videos, is leading a campaign against intensive breeding. In this context, it asked Ecomiam to no longer source its supplies from farmers practicing intensive chicken farming and to no longer offer eggs from cage farming for sale. The members of L214 would have taken the initiative and contacted the Breton company on their own, assured our colleagues the person in charge of agrifood relations within the association. He thus denies any attempt at pressure.

For his part, Daniel Sauvaget denounces the “good conscience for a cheap price” of L214 which he accuses of promoting himself as well as that of his brands.

The boss of Ecomiam is thus a defender of breeders and their modes of operation.

"It is this type of action that will promote the emergence or confirmation of practices that respect animals in breeding", assures Daniel Sauvaget.


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