Arab intellectuals: The UAE is a fertile land for creativity and creators

  • Part of a panel discussion entitled "Arab Intellectuals... Unforgettable Contributions".

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A number of Arab writers and intellectuals residing in the UAE affirmed that the UAE, by honoring and sponsoring Arab creators and intellectuals, who founded the cultural movement on its land, looks with appreciation and admiration for them, noting that the state has remained a fertile land that sponsors creators, and facilitates for them the means of a decent life. To explode their creative energies, and this was reflected in a tangible positive impact on the cultural and literary life in the Emirates.

This came during a dialogue session entitled "Arab Intellectuals... Unforgettable Contributions", held by the Emirates Writers Union, as part of the activities of the fortieth session of the Sharjah International Book Fair, which hosted writer and writer Dr. Haitham Al-Khawaja, and poet Sajida Al-Mousawi, and moderated by writer and critic Abdel Fattah. Sabri, who made it clear that since the beginnings of the UAE union, the intellectuals have had

The Arabs have an important and active role in the media, culture and education.

He said: "The UAE attracted Arab energies and creativity in all fields, and opened the wide field for this Arab-Arab cultural exchange, in a move that brought about a renaissance that is reaping its fruits today, by becoming the first Arab ranks, not only in the economic and development fields, but in the cultural and creative fields." .

Dr. Haitham Al-Khawaja said: "When we talk about the contributions of Arab intellectuals to the pioneering role that characterizes the Emirates, we are talking about Arab creators who have permeated the fabric of Emirati culture, and have achieved great achievements in theater, criticism, poetry, literature, novel and story, and others."

Al-Khawaja added: "The contributions of the Arabs are large, diverse and permeate the Emirati cultural fabric, and these contributions are clearly visible, which produced a generation of Emirati creators who are witnessed by the Emirati literary and cultural scene."

He stressed that the coming of Arabs to the Emirates is a natural matter, dictated by human nature in movement and travel. However, the Emirates is distinguished by the fact that its son loves and respects the other, and it is a country capable of accommodating people, and this played a major role in enriching the Arab culture on its land.

Sajida Al-Moussawi explained that the UAE, in light of its leadership attracting creative Arab energies, has achieved a pioneering cultural shift, especially the Emirate of Sharjah, which has its deepest peculiarity in sponsoring literature.

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