A girl who attended an elementary school in Machida City, Tokyo, committed suicide leaving a suicide note that was allegedly bullied by her classmates. , Revealed to start a re-investigation of facts.

Last November, a 6th grade girl who attended an elementary school in Machida City died leaving a suicide note allegedly being bullied by her classmates.

At a regular press conference held on the 10th, Mayor Joichi Ishizaka of Machida City was asked by a new investigation committee, which is an affiliated organization of the mayor, consisting of five lawyers and academic experts, to commit a girl's suicide. It has been revealed that a re-investigation will begin on the 22nd of this month regarding the facts surrounding the situation and the response of the elementary school and the city's board of education.

Regarding how to proceed with the investigation, the bereaved family has forgotten to cooperate with the investigation because there is no detailed explanation from the city side about the "bullying problem countermeasure committee" established in the board of education so far, and education He requested that the committee establish a new investigation committee before investigating.

Regarding the request from the bereaved family, Mayor Ishisaka said, "Following" unreasonable requests "and staying close to the bereaved family are different stories." He explained that it is not possible to set up a new committee because it is stipulated to conduct a thorough investigation.

After that, Mayor Ishisaka said, "I would like Machida City and the Board of Education to get suggestions from the Investigation Committee on the measures to be taken in the future to prevent recurrence."

Bereaved family "Stop forcing a re-investigation"

Regarding the start of the re-investigation by the new investigation committee that will be an affiliated organization of the mayor, the girl's bereaved family said, "Please stop forcing the re-investigation ignoring the bereaved family and the law. Machida City and the Board of Education talk with the bereaved family. I haven't even done anything. I want you to be aware that this is an investigation to protect the dignity of the deceased girl. "