Singer Chaeyeon honestly explained about her past 'love line' with Kim Jong Kook.

Chaeyeon appeared as a guest on MBC Radio FM4U's 'Date at Two O'clock', which was broadcast on the 9th.

On this day's broadcast, Chaeyeon talked about the new song 'Sometimes I Cry', as well as the 'Love Line' with Kim Jong-guk, which was recently talked about again.

Earlier, Chae-yeon and Kim Jong-guk met on an entertainment program where fans and stars met, and later, as Chae-yeon debuted as a singer, they met again on the SBS entertainment program 'Good Sunday - X-Men'.

At the time, in 'X-Men', Kim Jong-guk called out Chae-yeon's real name, saying, "Jin-suk-ah, it's been a while. You've grown a lot."

In the recently broadcast 'Running Man', the members mentioned the scene and asked Kim Jong-guk, who had a love line with Yoon Eun-hye, "Then (until Chaeyeon) were the three of them in a triangle?" I trembled nervously as I answered.

On the radio, Chaeyeon said honestly, "If you call me on 'Running Man', I'm willing to appear.

He added, "The cast at the time drove the love line, and I was a fan of Kim Jong Kook.

Still, Chaeyeon finished warmly with a positive response, saying, "Even though there were no personal interactions, many people connected me through a love line. But now, I want to have a private conversation with Kim Jong Kook."

Chaeyeon, who released a new ballad song 'Sometimes I Cry' on the 18th of last month, melted the keywords of her legendary 'Tear Selfie' into a new song.

On this day's broadcast, Chaeyeon also revealed the reason for the release, saying, "I came out with the thought of putting an end to my tearful selfies because there were a lot of responses that 'I will suffer forever'.

(Photo = MBC FM4U 'Date at Two O'Clock' Chaeyeon Instagram, SBS 'Running Man' broadcast screen capture)


(SBS Entertainment News editor Jina Yoon)