Group T-ara is returning as a whole after 4 years.

Today (8th), mobile media channel Dingo released a teaser image of T-ara's full album, which will be released on the 15th.

The members of T-ara in the teaser image exuded an old-fashioned atmosphere and showed off their unique splendor, arousing curiosity about the upcoming album.

This album, which Dingo and T-ara make together, is T-ara's first release in about 4 years since the mini-album 'What's my name?' released in 2017.

Composers Jo Young-soo and Ahn Young-min, who are called 'hit song makers', were reported to have participated in the album, raising expectations even more.

In particular, this time T-ara's comeback is said to have been promoted by the members themselves, adding meaning.

Currently, three members, except Eunjung, do not have an agency, and in a live broadcast to commemorate the 12th anniversary of their debut, T-ara members said, "The members are moving with each other without support from the agency." "I will comeback before the first snow in 2021." I made a promise to my fans.

In the documentary 'T-ara Dashi Q', which was released on Dingo Music's YouTube channel ahead of the comeback on the 15th, the members said, "It's not the first time the comeback has collapsed. I run. I got the strength to make a comeback after seeing comments like 'My sister is my youth'."

T-ara, who debuted in 2009 with 'Lie', has released a number of hit songs including 'Crazy Because of You', 'Bo Peep Bo Peep', and 'Roly-Poly'.

After leaving members Soyeon and Boram in 2017, the group was reorganized into a four-member group, and 'My Name' was ranked number one on a music show after 5 years, showing its still popularity.

(Photo = Naver V LIVE broadcast screen capture, YouTube 'Dingo Music')

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