[Explanation] Recently, the Ejina Banner of the Alxa League in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region has become the "eye of the storm" of the new crown pneumonia epidemic.

This small border town with a resident population of only more than 30,000 has ushered in the big test of the epidemic.

The police from the local Alashan Border Management Detachment Police Station became the main force in the war against the epidemic. They worked day and night and charged on the front line of the fight against the epidemic.

  [Explanation] Wang Zhenheng, who completed the security mission of Shenzhou 13 and prepared to return, received the news of the closure of the Ejina Banner, and chose to fight the epidemic without hesitation. Wang Zhenheng said that he could not meet with his family for a long time. I'm sorry it's them.

During the video call with the two sons, the eldest son's sudden words made the seven-foot man's words choppy for a while, and tears burst into his eyes.

  [Live Voice] Dad, you are a superhero

  [Concurrent] Policeman Wang Zhenheng

  When my child said "Dad, you are a superhero" to me, my heart was very excited and warm. When I thought of setting a good example for my child, my heart was really warm.

  [Explanation] Jin Feng, a veteran police officer who has been in the police for more than 20 years, has been on the front line of the fight against the epidemic for more than 20 days.

Taking into account that Jin Feng has high blood pressure, he was originally assigned to take charge of the internal killing of the unit, but Jin Feng has repeatedly applied for frontline duties.

  [Concurrent] Police Jinfeng

  One day when we were patrolling the street, a tourist ran over to stop our police car in a particularly anxious manner. It was an elderly team of us. There were a lot of medicines in this box. He couldn’t make it through now and was anxious to deliver this medicine box. In the hands of another tourist.

As soon as I heard it, I said that it would be possible if there was no problem.

Through this matter, one is that it has also been recognized and praised by (the people) and tourists. This is also our front-line work of fighting the epidemic. On the one hand, we are doing protection work and also serving the people. I think this is a A great harvest.

  [Explanation] After the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in Ejina Banner, police officers from the police station of the Alxa Border Management Detachment signed up for "retrograde".

Some of them are "double police" families who are "separated" in the two places to fight the epidemic together; some are new fathers who are new fathers; some are fresh blood from the "post-00" police force in their early 20s... But because of the "police blues" on their bodies "They chose to charge ahead in the anti-epidemic mission.

  [Explanation] Just as the policeman Jin Feng said, Ejina Banner is already his second hometown. He has feelings for this place, so he must protect this land.

  [Concurrent] Police Jinfeng

  Ejina Banner is my second hometown. I have lived here for almost 20 years. Now that we have an epidemic in Ejina Banner, I must participate in the Ejina Banner’s anti-epidemic work and contribute to our Ejina Banner’s anti-epidemic process. Give your share of strength.

  (Reported by Chen Feng, Li Aiping, Zhang Jie, and Alxa)

Editor in charge: [Wu Qingcai]