China News Service, Baotou, November 7th (Reporter Zhang Linhu) 61 suspects and the amount involved in the case amounted to one million yuan... On the 7th, the reporter learned from the Kundulun District Public Security Branch of the Baotou City Public Security Bureau, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, that the bureau successfully destroyed one Electric fraud and MLM "double material" dens.

  On October 20, the Kundulun District Police received a notice from the Nantong Police Co-investigation in Jiangsu, stating that there was a case of “online dating and dating” telecom network fraud.

  After five days of investigation, the investigators discovered that the suspect's daily life and residential address were extremely abnormal, and he was likely to have participated in two illegal activities, namely, telecommunications network fraud and pyramid schemes.

After in-depth investigation, the investigators determined that the suspects were all located in 7 dens on the top 6 floors of the old community.

  In the early morning of October 23, the task force was divided into 7 groups for a unified network. In the end, all 61 persons involved in the 7 dens were brought to justice.

After interrogation, a very large telecommunications network fraud group emerged.

  It turned out that members of the gang used WeChat to defraud, changing their WeChat profile pictures and gender to females, and defrauding male victims from all over the country in the name of finding someone and making friends in online dating.

The police verified 52 cases, involving a total of one million yuan.

In addition, many people in the gang participated in illegal pyramid schemes.

  So far, a large telecommunications network fraud gang entrenched in Baotou was destroyed, and the police arrested 61 suspects.

Among them, 23 people were taken criminal compulsory measures on suspicion of fraud, and 38 people were deported for participating in a pyramid scheme.